Juliana Bird

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Court musician, trobairitz, bard, poet, composer, shenaniganator-in-training
Resides: Bhakail
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
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Heraldry Needed
Award & Office Badges


I have had various brushes with the SCA from the fighter's perspective and was never get interested until my very good friend Dorian de San Kalogero voluntold me to play what music I had at the Bellringers event in Carillion in February 2017. It was at that event that I learned that in addition to fighters, the SCA also had BARDS! And they were all going to gather across the river in Bakhail the next weekend for Winter Nights, so it was HIGHLY suggested that I go and make friends! So I did, and now you're all STUCK with me FOREVER!

But then I moved to the Midrealm for college and I can’t really be active until I’m done :(


Goes by Bird, they/them

Gentle Juliana Bird- 13th c troubadour Peregrine Byrd- 16th c sailor

Activities & Interests

  • Dance music (all periods)
  • Monophonic sacred/secular music of the 12th and 13th c
  • Early winds and brass
  • Cittole/rebec/other drone-y strings
  • Creating English translations of songs
  • Elizabethan Poetry
  • Keh Mukarnis and other clever short poems
  • Voice Heraldry
  • Spinning
  • Sewing
  • Weaving
  • Nalbinding
  • Fencing

Offices & Positions

  • Bhakail Bardic Champion AS 52-53
  • King's Bardic Champion AS 52-53

Projects & Publications

  • My blog, which will be filled up eventually!

  • My fb page which admittedly doesn't have much on it

  • My youtube page
  • It mostly has a lot of playlists for both SCA and period music!

In Case of Court

Surprises are good and wonderful and excellent. Bird has the best faces when surprised.

More Information

Goes by Bird unless you have a shiny hat or it's for court

Juliana Bird (hoo-lee-AH-nuh Bird) (If you can do the Spanish pronunciation that is great, but I won't have a snit if you pronounce it English-ly)

Gender-neutral pronouns (they/them/their)

Student of Sabine de Kerbriant