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Julian Weissraben in his Landsknecht garb - real men know how to wear slashes, ribbons and puffs!
Resides: Quintavia
Status: Still Alive and Kicking
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Award & Office Badges
Order of the Silver Brooch


Julian Weissraben lives on 18 acres of country land in Quintavia. In the Current Middle Ages, he is a Pearl Craftsman in the [Guild of Athena's Thimble][1], a member of the [Order of the Silver Brooch][2], and an avid maker and decorator of Renaissance garb. He is the current head of [House Weissraben][3].


Julian Weissraben is a retired Landsknecht living in the mid-16th century in Nuremburg. After falling off a ladder at the siege of Vienna and becoming permanently injured, he retired from Weissraben Company and took their name as his. He is a cloth merchant and professional broiderer. He lives and travels with his wife, Bella the Mad, his daughter Brigitte Weissraben, her swordsman betrothed Rodrigo Medina de la Mar, his two manservants Joschka Kozic and Kaspar Meerschweinchen, and the household goatherdess Vincente de la Chevre.

Offices & Positions

None yet - still avoiding work!

Event Staff

None yet - still avoiding running events!

Projects & Publications

Julian is working his way through the various competencies and period competencies in the Guild of Athena's Thimble. He is constantly toting around some piece of embroidery or garb that he is currently working on. He spins, dyes, and weaves wool from his sheep, and uses them in his embroideries. In other projects, he is masterminding a full-scale Renaissance miniature 1/12 scale manor (aided by other members of his household) and gearing himself up to learn lacemaking.

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