Jotun-Eirikr Bjarnason

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As King Henry VIII in the Known World Player's "Anne of the Thousand Days" at Pennsic 41
Resides: Barony of Dragonship Haven
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Kvedulf FL-gif.gif
Vert, two axes in saltire addorsed surmounted by a double-bitted axe palewise, in chief three mullets, all within a bordure Or
Award & Office Badges
Award of Arms


Lord Jotun-Eirikr Bjarmnason (aka Eric) of Aett Kveldulf joined the Society in 1988 and has called these lands his home ever since. He has taken the field with sword and bow, standing victorious on many a battlefield including with the 10 Man Melee Team at War of the Roses X. He also struts and frets his hours upon the stage with the Known World Players. At Pennsic, I can be found with McGuire's Marauders camped next to Ansteorra Royal.


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    • Wyt and Science, Pennsic 20 (1991)
    • Mumming, Pennsic 21 (1992)
  • With the Known World Players
    • Lysistrata by Aristophanes, Pennsic 31 (August 2002) -Athenian
    • An Evening of French Farces, Pennsic 32 (August 2003) -Pierre Patelin
    • Canterbury Tales from Chaucer, Pennsic 33 (August 2004) -Host et al
    • Macbeth by Shakespeare, Pennsic 34 (August 2005) - Ross
    • Gammer Gurton's Needle, Pennsic 35 (August 2006) - Hodge
    • The Wakefield Mystery Cycle, Pennsic 36 (August 2007) - Belzebub
    • Forbidden Pennsic The Musical, Pennsic 37 (August 2008) - Company
    • Much Ado About Nothing by Shakespeare, Pennsic 38 (August 2009) - Boraccio
    • A Man for All Seasons by Robert Bolt, Pennsic 39 (August 2010) - Henry VIII
    • Henry V by William Shakespeare, Pennsic 40 (August 2011) -Constable of France, Earl of Richmond, Williams, etc
    • Anne of the Thousand Days, Pennsic 41 (August 2012) - Henry VIII
    • Miles Gloriosus by Titus Plautus, Pennsic 42 (August 2013) - Alexander
    • The Canterbury Tales by Chaucer, Pennsic 43 (August 2014) - Host et al
    • The Merchant of Venice by Shakespeare, Pennsic 44 (August 2015) - Salanio
    • The Alchemist by Ben Jonson, Pennsic 45 (August 2016) - Sir Epicure Mammon
    • The Merry Wives of Windsor by Shakespeare, Pennsic 46 (2017) - Falstaff
    • Forbidden Pennsic The Musical, Pennsic 48 (2019) - Mike/Grot

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