Joshua MacDonald the Imperfekt

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Resides: Barony of Dun Carriag, Kingdom of Atlantia
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
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Per fess azure and argent, a cow statant argent marked sable and a feather fesswise reversed azure
Award & Office Badges
Award of Arms


Joshua MacDonald the Imperfekt began in the SCA in the late 1980s in the East Kingdom in the Barony of Bhakail. He registered his name with the College of Heralds in 1993[1], received his (very imperfect) Award of Arms in 1995[2], and registered his device in 2003[3] while residing in the Barony of Calafia in the Kingdom of Caid. He has been very actively involved with Clan Blue Feather, starting the Clan encampment at Pennsic, hosting the annual Clan Blue Feather Ball & Fashion Cotillion (an ongoing Pennsic tradition), and co-autocratting the first Clan event in York, PA. He has attended every Pennsic War since 1990. For his ongoing work with the Clan, he was made a Baron of the Court of Their Majesties King Sven and Queen Siobhan of Aethelmearc (with kind permission of TRM Atlantia) at Pennsic in 2018.[4][5] He is also the administrator of the largest unofficial Pennsic War Facebook group[6], a co-administrator of the largest SCA Facebook group[7], and helps maintain various other unofficial SCA-related groups on various social media platforms (Facebook, LiveJournal, Google Hangouts, etc.) He is very interested in issues of inclusion, diversity, and equity in the SCA, as well as period calligraphy and Scottish history. He currently resides in the Kingdom of Atlantia in the Barony of Dun Carraig.


Joshua is a 14th c. Scotsman. He is currently working as a scribe and event steward for the Kingdom of Atlantia.

Event Staff

  • Event staff, Dun Carraig Baronial Birthday, November 2019
  • Event staff, Atlantia Coronation, October 2019
  • Event Steward, Barony of Dun Carraig Silver Jubilee (Baronial Birthday 25th Anniversary event), November 2018
  • Evening Celebrations Chair, SCA 50 Year Event in Indianapolis, Indiana, June 2016 (staff awarded Order of the Purple Fretty at Pennsic 2017)
  • Co-autocrat, Clan Blue Feather Event in York, PA, late 1990's
  • Host and event planner, Clan Blue Feather Ball & Fashion Cotillion at Pennsic, since early 1990's
  • Camp master, Clan Blue Feather Pennsic encampment, since 1992

Projects & Publications

  • "Diversity in the SCA: Why It Matters" panel discussion class at Pennsic University 2019
  • "The History of Clan Blue Feather" class at Pennsic University, 2017, 2018, 2019
  • Scribe, Kingdom of Atlantia, since October 2017

In Case of Court

If you want it to be a surprise (which I am fine with), you may contact Master Philip White. Otherwise, contact me via Facebook at


  • November 2018: Event Steward, Barony of Dun Carraig Silver Jubilee 25th anniversary event; Barony of Dun Carraig Deirge Mark of Excellence
  • August 2018: Bhakail Flame for Service to the Barony, calligraphy and illumination
  • August 2018: Court Barony, Aethelmearc w/Grant of Arms,[8] Pennsic
  • October 2017 to current: Scribe
  • October 2017 to current: Creator and administrator of unofficial SCA Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Facebook group
  • August 2017: Order of the Purple Fretty, Midrealm[9] (group award to SCA 50 Year Event staff) w/Augmentation of Arms "a mullet, or"[10]
  • November 2016 to current: Administrator of unofficial SCA Event Stewards Facebook group
  • June 2016: Evening Celebrations Chair, SCA 50 Year Event
  • July 2012 to current: Co-administrator of unofficial SCA Facebook group
  • September 2011 to current: Creator and administrator of unofficial Pennsic War Facebook group
  • August 2007 to current: Creator and administrator of Clan Blue Feather Facebook group
  • November 2005 to current: Kingdom of Atlantia, Barony of Dun Carraig
  • March 2003: Device registered
  • January 2001 to October 2005: Kingdom of Caid, Barony of Calafia
  • August 1995: Award of Arms
  • 1994(?): Co-Autocrat, Clan Blue Feather event in York, PA
  • June 1993: Name registered
  • August 1992: Began running Clan Blue Feather Ball & Fashion Cotillion at Pennsic
  • August 1991: Founded Clan Blue Feather encampment at Pennsic
  • August 1990: Attended first Pennsic
  • to December 2000: East Kingdom, Barony of Bhakail
  • October 1989: Started in SCA

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