John Patrick O'Donagal

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John-patrick-O'Donagal Buckland cross Investiture.jpg
John-Patrick laughing with Mari Lwyd at Buckland-Cross Investiture
Resides: Barony of Bhakail
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
John-Patrick-O'Donagal Device.gif
Sable, in pale two keys in saltire wards to base and an anchor fouled of its chain Or.
Award & Office Badges
Order of the HarlequinMaster of HorseCompanion of the Order of the Silver Wheel


A merchant friend of mine from the PA Renaissance Faire where I worked as a privy attendant. Encourage me to join the SCA since I enjoyed the medieval atmosphere. I did and after a several years I found a home with the Barony of Bhakail.


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Event Staff

  • Pennsic staff Pennsic 42, 44, 47 & 48
  • Volunteer at troll gate at Pennsic Pennsic 39 - 48
  • Help set up history table for Barony of Bhakail for East Kingdom 50th celebration June 2018
  • Help in kitchen & with set up and clean up at many events and at Bhakail's Yule
  • Set up sheet wall for Barony of Bhakail encampment - 2017 - present
  • Volunteer to do a shifts for watch at Pennsic for 12 year
  • Provided benches for the first year of Bog University, Pennsic 42
  • Help set up tents at Pennsic for the Barony of Bhakail encampment 2016 - Present
  • Volunteer door security at Barony of Bhakail Yule event - 2015 - 2019
  • Volunteer at Troll for Bhakail's Champions & Commons
  • Volunteer at Motor pool Pennsic 48

Projects & Publications

  • Build break apart benches for Known World Player for use in plays at Pennsic 42
  • Embroidered table runner for Barony of Bhakail and and different Barony devices for their Excellencies of Bhakail to give to other Barony of Bhakail as investiture gifts.
  • Build cornet box for her Excellency Baroness of Barony of Bhakail Suba - 2017
  • Made Wooden spoons for their Excellencies of Bhakail gifts 2016 - 2018 for Bhakail Yule and Tavern event
  • Build charging box for Barony of Bhakail encampment at Pennsic
  • Made fire starter for Kilkenny encampment for 6 years
  • Made fire starter for Barony of Bhakail encampment for Pennsic for 6 years
  • Help make Barricades for Pennsic University, Pennsic 48
  • Help put up and take down beautification flag around Pennsic, Pennsic 48
  • Help take down beautification lights around Motor pool, Exchequer trailer, Mayor trailer & watch, Pennsic 48
  • Help with various jobs around Bhakail encampment, Pennsic 47-48
  • Help set up and clean up at Known World Player read through and Bhakail encampment period games night, Pennsic 47-48


  • East Kingdom Metalsmith Guild
  • Known World Player Guild

Stage & Performance

  • Participated in Known World Player production as an extra an a actor - Pennsic 41 - Pennsic 47
  • Known World Player Assistant Director - Pennsic 48


  • Needlepoint
  • Chess
  • Wood working
  • Puzzles

In Case of Court

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