Jack Flynn

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Jack Flynn made his appearance in the Shire of Mountain Freehold in the Autumn of A.S.LIII and immediately began poaching the royal deer in Duchess Marieke vande Dal's lands. The Duchess called upon the Foresters of the East Kingdom Foresters Guild residing in the Freehold to track down the horrible lout and bring him swiftly to justice. Marieke and the other Royal Foresters spent a bright October afternoon reading and following the tracks of Jack Flynn through the forest and quickly apprehended him. In her great wisdom and kindness, Marieke decided to grant Jack Flynn mercy and a change to reform his ways, however, rumors of his recidivism are beginning to spread among the Freeholders...

Jack Flynn is absolutely, positively in no way related to Black Finn (Vindiorix Ordowik)although the resemblence is strikingly similar.

Among his crimes, Jack Flynn is known for poaching, theft, unsanitary and unnatural acts, littering, public drunkenness, and talking in the theatre.

Jack Flynn. He's the worst.