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Isobel Bickerstaff
Resides: Distant Shore
Awards: Order of Precedence
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Heraldry Needed
Award & Office Badges
Award of ArmsTroubadourOrder of the IcebergCompanion of the Order of the Silver CrescentCourtBarony


Baroness Isobel Bickerstaff

Isobel, better known as Libby, first joined the SCA in 2006 and has been an active member ever since. She has lived this entire time in the Canton of Distant Shore, within the Barony of Ruantallan, but has been fortunate enough to travel through much of Tir Mara and the East Kingdom. Indeed, travel to far off lands is one of her greatest sources of pleasure and has enriched her SCA experience.

While her name comes from the north of England, the inspiration for her persona would be found during the times of the Norse. Indeed, her exploration of the time period has drawn her to visit the museums and historic sites of Scandinavia where she has deepened her understanding and appreciation of that era. One of her great pleasures is taking pictures from the museum exhibits and sharing them with people back home. Particularly when she finds an artifact she knows to be of interest to a friend.

While she enjoys certain Arts and Sciences, particularly weaving and sewing, she's most known for her service. She has been the Protege of Duchess Avelina Keyes for nearly a decade.

Libby has served on curia at both the Canton and Baronial level. Over the years she's also autocratic a number of events, including 2018's Spring Crown Tourney, and worked many more. She's booked halls, taken registrations, worked troll, organized classes and retinue, taught children and assembled event staff. But one of her favourite places to be during an event is in the kitchen. Not as head cook, she knows her weaknesses, but as an assistant who enjoys the laughter and comradery of preparing a meal together. Libby has worked in kitchens at home in both Distant Shore and the Barony, but also at Pennsic where she twice assisted in cooking of the Runnymede feast and in the far off lands of Drachenwald where she's cooked at their Kingdom's 20th Anniversary event in Germany and during multiple Double Wars in Sweden.

On a Baronial level, she's served as Head of Retinue for Baron Guthfrith Yrlingson and Baroness Isobel Mobrey from 2014 until 2017 before taking her place behind the chairs as Court Herald. After they stepped down in 2019, she remained as Court Herald for Baron Perceval and Baroness Admiranda. This is a line of service she wants to continue pursue and to improve upon.

Her work for the Kingdom include acting as Assistant Awards Scheduler to Sir Kenric during the reign of Brennan II and Caoilfhionn II. After Sir Kenric won Crown and became Prince, she stepped up and took over as Awards Scheduler for the East Kingdom and stayed in that role from October, 2015 until April, 2016.

Libby has now been focused on helping the SCA recover from the Plague years, co-autocrating an event called Spring Awakening in April of 2022. This event included fencing, A&S and food, but was all about rebuilding relationships and shaking the dust off our garb. It was a great success. She looks forward to continuing to see the SCA recover and grow.


  • Award of Arms - 2008
  • Troubador - 2014
  • Order of the Iceberg - 2014
  • Order of the Silver Crescent - 2016
  • Court Barony - 2016

Offices & Positions

  • Chatelaine - Canton of Distant Shore (2007 - ?)
  • Head of Retinue for Baron and Baroness of Ruantallan (Nov. 2014 - 2017)
  • Minister of Arts and Science - Barony of Ruantallan (April 2015 - 2019)

Court Herald - Barony of Ruantallan (2017 - ongoing)

Event Staff

  • Co-Autocrated Spring Crown Tourney (2018) in Ruantallan
  • Co-Autocrated Kingdom 12th Night (January 2017)
  • Acted as Autocrat and Co-Autocrat for a number of events over the years in both the Shire of Distant Shore and the Barony of Ruantallan
  • Created the event, Sew Little Time, that have become very popular in the Barony.
  • Assisted in a variety of kitchens and helped cook feasts, including two Runnymede feasts at Pennsic (2015 and 2013)