Isabel de Kerbriant

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Resides: Barony of Bhakail
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Or, a heart gules and a chief dancetty vert
Award & Office Badges
Order of the Eft Companion of the Order of the Tygers Cub


Isabel has been part of the SCA since before she was born. From birth, she has resided in the Barony of Bhakail; in June '08, she became Marquessa of Black Icorndall and held that title until June '13. She enjoys cooking, archery, crafts, dancing, and wielding her battle axe. Along with her doting parents, Nissim Aven Darmon and Sabine de Kerbriant, she is a member of Dar Nafoura Hajjar (House of the Stone Fountain).

Awards, Accomplishments, Etc.

Isabel became a companion of the Order of the Tyger's Cub by the hands of King Ivan and Queen Mathilde at Bhakail Yule in December '17. She was inducted into the Order of the Eft by Baron Mael Eoin mac Echuid at Winter Nights South in February '17.

She is proud to participate in the Queen's Service Initiative and was called into EK Court at Pennsic XLIII to be acknowledged for her service at War, which included a stint as gate guard at the EK Royal Encampment.

In February '14 and again in February '15, she won the Youth category in the "Dress a Fox" competition at Dancing Fox in Nordenhalle.

In March '10, she won the Populace Choice category in the archery competition at the Iron Bog Birthday event.

A song in Isabel's honor, written by Mistress Judith Fitzhenry:
Baby of Bhakail (set to the tune of "Packington's Pound")

Sweetly-blown melody borne on the air
Met with the sheltering arm of the earth
Wedded in harmony wondrous fair;
This is the union that led to thy birth.
How else couldst thou be, but lovely to see
Thus fashioned from love in the highest degree?
Joy you inspire with the force of a gale,
Beloved and Beautiful Babe of Bhakail!

Happiness sparkles from thy shining eye
Such is thy pleasure to bring us delight;
All gaze in wonder as arms are thrown high,
Every life moment new to thy sight.
With innocent style dost thou sweetly beguile
All who behold thee with a laugh and a smile.
Joy you inspire with the force of a gale,
Beloved and Beautiful Babe of Bhakail!