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Lady Inga Thorgansdottir, also sometimes spelled Torgansdottir or Thorgandottir. Inga can't spell. Lives in the Sire of Lynhaven, although the Shire of Smithwick had repeatedly attempted to kidnap her. AOA and Tir Mara A&S Champion.


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Offices & Positions

  • Chatelaine
  • Deputy Chatelaine
  • Deputy A&S minister
  • A&S Minister
  • Deputy Chatelaine

I don't know the dates, but it feels like I've been on or assisting curia since the year after I joined.

== Event staff: Inga pretty much works at whatever event she goes to, but can't keep them all straight. Highlights are:

  • Cook, Harvest Feast date unknown;
  • Co-event steward Middleground 2010;
  • Throwing Weapons teardown at Pennsic 2010;
  • Played music for Fort Knox (Endoweard);
  • Event steward for Lyndhaven's Masked Ball date unkown;
  • Coordinated classes for Middleground date unknown;
  • Head cook for feast (Middleground 2013);
  • Dance Mistress for Masked Ball (Smithwick 2012, 2014);
  • MIC throwing weapons for New Moon Carnival, Middleground, Picnic at the Lake, Mid-Summer (Shire of Smithwick);
  • Played music for court during two crown tourneys (Lyndhaven and Endoward)

Classes that she taught at various events: White work in Illuminations, Period Children's Toys, Beginning Throwing Weapons, Needle felting, Period Buttons, Basket Making, Butter Making, Medallion Painting, How to Embellish Your Encampment, Beginner Dance Classes.

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