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Founded: around 2004
Status: Active
House Wolfhaven Badge.jpg
Sable, a saltire bretessed between four mullets of four points, a bordure argent.

Sep 2016 by Jenica.jpg Banners of Dalla Olafskona and Master Olaf Haraldson, Sep 2016. Photo by Jenica Rogers.''

Award Badges


House Wolfhaven is run by Olaf Haraldsson.

House Motto

Excellence in all we do, Integrity first, and Service to the Dream.

House pennsic.jpg

House Wolfhaven at Pennsic 2015. (l-r:) Arnbjorn Grettirson, Jessamine (Jennifer Hostetter), Alasdair Svarthrútr, Dalla Olafskona, Master Olaf Haraldsson, Astrid (Tirzah Richmond), Snorri Olafsson, Erland Oxkné.


Once upon a time, Olaf found himself with a group of people, all fighters. Olaf decided to give them a place to belong, and a group to fight with. This was the beginning of the Wolfhaven Free Company, a mercenary group or free company in Olaf's employ. They fought for Olaf, and by extension the Northern Army, in exchange for various trinkets and loot. They had no fealty tie, and were free to sever their contract if a better fit for them came along. At its height, it was only 6 or 7 people, consisting mostly of newer fighters...but the camaraderie they shared was important.

People moved on, moved away, and left the game...and the unit went dormant. Olaf took a break for a few years to pursue some goals in mundane life. When he came back around 2004, he organized/ reorganized Wolfhaven to fit with his new understanding and wisdom about himself and his relationship to the Society.

House Wolfhaven's principles were based on the modern U.S. Air Force core values, and the House was intended to emulate a household that could have existed in medieval Norse society, set up something like a Norse farmstead, with Olaf as the head of the house, surrounded by his family and hirðmenn (household troops).

Goals: Kit & Persona

Members of House Wolfhaven are working towards the following shared goals:

  • Clothing of appropriate pattern and color, made from natural fibers available to your persona.
  • Period shoes or unobtrusive modern footwear.
  • Persona appropriate accessories, including appropriately styled belt.
  • Avoid modern accessories when possible.
  • Reasonable persona story.

Members of the hirð are working towards the following additional standards:

  • Basic appropriate helmet
  • Modern protective gear hidden by fighting garb.
  • Persona appropriate shields (rounds and kites for Viking, etc.)
  • Persona appropriate weapons. No greatsword/katana for Vikings. Shaped polearms…axes or cutting spears only.
  • Hockey gloves should be avoided and replaced ASAP.

It is expected that House members progress towards an authentic looking kit appropriate to the social status of their personas.

The Hirð

The fighting force of House Wolfhaven is the hirð... Olaf's hearth troop. THis consists of all members of the House that contribute in a martial aspect... be it armoured, with bow, or rapier. The armoured hirð generally fights in Northern Army III at larger wars, alongside Coldwood's troops. At Pennsic 2015, they were summoned as a unit and given favors by Queen Aetheldreda for their work on the field.

Hirð.jpgArmoured hirð.jpg

House Members



Sep 2014.jpg

House Wolfhaven forms an alliance with House Grandchamp at Coldwood, Sept 2014. (l-r:) Dalla Olafskona, Arnbjorn Grettirson, Erland Oxkné, Alasdair Svarthrútr, Snorri Olafsson, Master Olaf Haraldsson, Sir Stephen Grandchamp.

More about House Wolfhaven's ideas

  • Volunteer service is the only way our game functions.
  • Real life comes first!
  • This game is our hobby…we are supposed to be doing it for enjoyment.
  • House Wolfhaven is a stop in our journey, and is not expected to be a final stop for everyone.
  • We do not actively recruit. We are comfortable being small in number, close in spirit.