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House Truestring consists of:
House Truestring consists of:
* Tanna-Kormakr Makansson
* Lord Tanna-Kormakr Makansson
* Dofinn-Hallr Morrisson
* Master Dofinn-Hallr Morrisson
* [[Þóra Sharptooth]]
* Mistress [[Þóra Sharptooth]]
* Ljómi Hallsdottir
* Ljómi Hallsdottir
* Dwynwen of Padstowe (Danabren Madadh-Mara)
* Mistress Dwynwen of Padstowe (Danabren Madadh-Mara)
* Conner Macauliffe (Connor MacAmlaidh)
* Lord Conner Macauliffe (Connor MacAmlaidh)
* Macsen Felinfoel
* Master Macsen Felinfoel
* Alistrina de Mann
* Mistress Alistrina de Mann
* Tristan le Chanticlere de Champagne
* Lord Tristan le Chanticlere de Champagne
* Oksana Goncharova
* Hon. Lady Oksana Goncharova
* Haraldr Bassi
* Lord Haraldr Bassi

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House Truestring was founded by Dofinn-Hallr Morrisson, Tanna-Kormakr Makansson, and Þóra Sharptooth.

Lord Tanna-Kormakr Makansson is jarl.

Membership in House Truestring is by attleiðing, an Old Norse custom of adoption, or by birthright.


House Truestring consists of:

  • Lord Tanna-Kormakr Makansson
  • Master Dofinn-Hallr Morrisson
  • Mistress Þóra Sharptooth
  • Ljómi Hallsdottir
  • Mistress Dwynwen of Padstowe (Danabren Madadh-Mara)
  • Lord Conner Macauliffe (Connor MacAmlaidh)
  • Master Macsen Felinfoel
  • Mistress Alistrina de Mann
  • Lord Tristan le Chanticlere de Champagne
  • Hon. Lady Oksana Goncharova
  • Lord Haraldr Bassi