House Toddington

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This is the charter (the "Mini Carta") of House Toddington, Baron Ernst's household.

The Mini Carta of the House of Toddington

Be it known to all gentles of the Current Middle Ages that Tygart, venerable and respected Lord of Toddington, and Margeray de Tracey, gracious and accomplished Lady of Toddington, for the Love and Honour they bear to certain members of the Society, do hereby assemble and establish a Household, to be known as the House of Toddington.

Be it also known that we who set our mark here on this day do agree to become members of the House of Toddington and to render respect and honour to toward each other and toward the Liege Lords of our Household, Lord Tygart and Lady Margeray and do consent to be governed by the articles set down herein which shall bear witness under our good intent toward the Knowne World.


To Serve: The Society for Creative Anachronism, The Kingdom of the East, the Barony beyond the Mountains, the Canton of Bowman's Rest, and the House of Toddington, excepting only previous obligations to Liege Lords,

To Learn: the Culture, Customs, and Traditions of the past and Current Middle Ages and to employ our Learning by sharing it with others,

To Welcome: All Wayfarers in the Current Middle Ages, offering true Hospitality that we might lighten their burden and speed their journey,

To Enjoy: Good Food, Good Drink, and most of all, Good Friends.