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Sunset View from our Pennsic 46 Encampment
Status: Active
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House Full Circle was started by Duke Siegfried Von Halstern and Sir Magnus Bloodax in AS 18 (1989). The decision was made to start the new household on a day trip to the Cloisters in the Royal Province of Ostgardr. Duke Siegfried returned to the Society at that time, and Sir Magnus joined him in forming the household after leaving House Von Halstern.

The name comes from the realization that Siegfried and Magnus, along with a few squires, had come full circle from the time they had first started in the Society. The household colors were originated from:

Purple from House Von Halstern, Ermine to differentiate from the Purple and Black from House Von Halstern.

The circle comes from coming full circle, and the sword pierces the circle to emulate Duke Siegfried's lightning bolt and star device.


Looooooong history. Stay tuned for updates!

Current Members

  • Sir Magnus Bloodax, founding member
  • Mistress Farasha Joralemon, founding member
  • Mistress Su'ad al Raqqasah, translates to: Su'ad The Dancer
  • Lord Ulrich Jarmon, Squire Emeritus
  • Lady Nivashi el shiraz
  • Lord Connor MacPhaddin, Head Squire
  • Lady Mor, Favorite Squire
  • Lord Eirikr Thorisson, Squire
  • Mistress Cellach ingen Chairneg
  • Sir Garanhir of Ness
  • Baroness Angelica du Boulanger
  • Lord Magnus Wolfhunte, aka Mini-Mag, Squire
  • Lady Gráinne inghean uí Bhrolacháin
  • Janus Bika, Squire
  • Muirgheal The Wanderer
  • Caitriona Inghean Chalbraigh
  • Lord Sean Dubh
  • Tiarna Bran mac Airt
  • Lady Lexi of Full Circle, wife of Bran, known as the Freckled One.....
  • Derrick Barker
  • Erin Barker

More Information

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