House Bogatyr

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Ram skull sept of Bogatyr
Founded: Fall, A.S. 53
Status: Active
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Bogatyr Bindrune
Award Badges


House Bogatyr is a martial household within the East Kingdom. Training in melee unit tactics, combat archery and siege engine warfare to maintain a capable and flexible unit in order to support it's allies. Every member of Bogatyr is both warrior and artist, pursuing prowess on the field as well as in the arts and sciences. We are slowly lending our hand to the building of the dream by working on a period encampment, hosting Viking period game nights and cooking some pretty awesome period foods over the fire. We fight, we sing, we are a merry band of warriors and friends. So come lift a horn, share a tale, a joke, a boast, a meal. You'll be glad you did.


Bogatyr was formed in the Fall of A.S. 53, at the farmstead of Rafn Holr, Shire of Hadchester. In ancient Rus, the Bogatyr were legendary warriors of great reknown, the word "Bogatyr" translating to, "lucky, courageous". We seek to emulate that ideal over time and bring honor and glory to the East, the Northern Region, Hadchester, Bogatyr and it's members. We seek to elevate ourselves by elevating and supporting eachother in our pursuit of the dream.


Yfir Donalsson, Jarl

Lady Verthandi Vadis Idunnrsdottir, Frau(Hearth Mistress)

Tryggve Stefnisson, Hersir(Sergeant at arms) and House Skald

Siggudr Hrutrsdottir, Excheqeur

Afvaldr Makinen, Thegn

Kaladin Cnutsson, Thegn

Hakon Hakonsson, Thegn

Peyrun Volk, Thegn

Syr Strith Marcusson, also known as(Syr Marcus Blackaert)Huskarl and Council

Samantha Treeslayer, Support

Several children also grace the threshold of this house. Embodying the Bogatyr path and pursuing knowledge experience and prowess in martial, service and A&S pursuits.


Of course we are always open to new members, though there is a watchee time period, to save us both from grief. If you are interested you may contact Yfir Donalsson directly at