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(Note: this is a history of the kingdom-level and regional heralds of the East Kingdom. For local group heralds, see that local group's page.)

In the Beginning

The first two Principal Heralds of the East did not carry the title of Brigantia Herald. John of Brooke-Lynne used his title in another organization, Mural Herald. Koppel fun Baurieux was simply the Principal Herald of the East. Alfgar the Sententious chose the name because, at the time, the East Kingdom was for all intents and purposes New York City, and the aboriginal inhabitants of York, England were the Brigantii, thus New York = New Brigantia. --Steffan ap Cenydd of Silverwing 18:48, 2 March 2009 (UTC)

Submissions Deputies

Brigantia kept two deputies to handle submissions: one to handle the processing, acceptance and rejection of submissions within the kingdom and one to compile the accepted submissions and forward them to the Laurel Sovereign of Arms. Every process was first handled using the US Postal Service (snail mail) until the wide-spread use of the internet.

Internal Submissions Deputy

Originally, Eastern Crown Herald handled the internal (within this kingdom) submissions process for names and arms. Local pursuivants mailed Eastern Crown all their submissions. Once a month (or so) Eastern Crown would cut-and-paste these into an Internal Letter of Intent (ILoI) and sent it out to all the volunteer commenters in the kingdom. The commenters would go through their books and consult local and college libraries (remember - this was before the internet) to see if they could improve upon (or disprove) the documentation. Eastern Crown would receive their commentary and pass a judgement upon each submission, publishing the results in a Letter of Acceptance and Returns (LoAR). Eastern Crown held this duty at least to the tenure of Rowen Cloteworthy [1]

External Submissions Deputy

Originally, Blue Tyger Herald handled external submissions. This meant receiving the accepted submissions from Eastern Crown, rewriting the Internal Letter of Acceptance and Returns, making enough photocopies for the Laurel Sovereign of Arms and each foreign kingdom, mailing them out. Then came the commentary from heralds all around the world. Blue Tyger was tasked with defending the findings of the East Kingdom, and being the liaison between the submitters and the College of Arms as heralds offered up any alternatives that might pass Laurel's decision.

Regional Deputies

As the kingdom grew, submissions were reaching such large numbers that Brigantia created regional deputies for submissions for northern, central and southern regions, and when groups formed in Europe, a European deputy. Once AEthelmearc and Drachenwald became kingdoms in their own right and the system benefitted from computer automation, Cadell ap Hubert began the process of consolidating the regional submissions deputies into one internal kingdom submissions deputy - Eastern Crown. The process was completed during the tenure of Ulric Brigantia.

Badger Herald

  • Tir Mara Regional Deputy

As I recall, Badger was originally an external commenting herald. I believe Martin Broeker was the first. It was chosen somewhat to reflect the West’s Brachet Herald, a brachet being, well, literally a {Female Dog}. When the Canadian groups became a region, it was transferred to that portfolio. - Steffan Jan 3rd 2021.
The Regional Herald of the Northern Shores (and later Tir Mara) Region since the Canadian Regions were organized as their own entity separate from the Northern Region by Adhemar Brigantia - Rowen, Jan 4th, 2021.
Lyanna of Kernough was the original Badger Herald through 08/24/2013 and was made a Herald Extraordinary for over a decade of service in that position - Ryan, Jan 4th, 2021.

Blue Alaunt Herald

  • Tir Mara Regional Submissions Deputy

During the term of Ryan Brigantia it was noted that for someone in Tir Mara to submit heraldry or names they would have to get a bank order for USD instead of CDN funds. This would double, or triple in some cases, the cost of a submission. A Canadian bank account was established and Tir Maran submissions can now be processed in CDN funds. - Ryan, Jan 4th, 2021.

Blue Tyger Herald

  • Submissions Herald of the East

Blue Tyger was once the external submissions herald, but once email became the dominant means of communication across the Knowne World persons from all over started seeing "Eastern.Crown@eastkingdom" as an email address. This led to multiple critical issues meant for the Crown of the East being sent to an email address which wasn't as regularly watched. Thus During the time of Ryan Brigantia the Vox Regis position became known as the Eastern Crown Herald, to more quickly forward these issues to the Royals, and Blue Tyger Herald became the primary Submissions Herald of the East. - Ryan Mac Whyte Jan 4th, 2021

Blue Talbot Herald

  • Northern Regional Deputy

Blue Talbot was created when Regional Heralds were reinstated by Ryan Brigantia. It's name came as a counterpoint to the Blue Tyger by being a blue Dog. The blue talbot charge led to the rise of the Blue Pawprint favor given out to heralds who distinguish themselves at Northern Regional events such as The Market Day at Birka or Great Northeastern War. - Ryan Mac Whyte Jan 4th, 2021

Chamfron Herald

  • Equestrian Activities Deputy

Chamfron was created by Rowen Brigantia by announcement in December 2010. Brita Mairi Svensdottir was the first Chamfron. [2]

Dextrochere Herald

  • Special Projects Deputy \ Drop Dead Deputy

Brigantia originally had the responsibility to maintain a bank account to process submissions fees and account for expenses, and also had to ensure that local groups had a pursuivant that held a valid warrant (which later required membership). The office of Dextrochere was formed to recognize the reality that Brigantia's 'dear right hand' (his lady) was the one kept the books, issued reimbursment checks to deputies (usually for photocopying and postage), did the banking, and also monitored local pursuivants' warrants. This tradition continued at least up through the tenure of Avelina Brigantia. --Ulric von der Insel 11:10, 5 January 2021 (UTC)

Diademe Herald

  • Assistant Internal Submissions Deputy

Originally a riff on the Eastern Crown Herald, as a diadem is a smaller crown, this in-joke has lost meaning when the Eastern Crown Herald was repurposed to the Vox Regis position. Diadem is the assistant to the Blue Tyger Herald. - Ryan Mac Whyte Jan 4th, 2021

Eastern Crown Herald

  • Royal Court Deputy

Eastern Crown was at times both the internal submissions deputy and the Central Region submissions deputy. Once email became the dominant means of communication across the Knowne World persons from all over started seeing "Eastern.Crown@eastkingdom" as an email address. This led to multiple critical issues meant for the Crown of the East being sent to an email address which wasn't as regularly watched. Thus During the time of Ryan Brigantia the Vox Regis position became known as the Eastern Crown Herald, to more quickly forward these issues to the Royals, and Blue Tyger Herald became the primary Submissions Herald of the East. - Ryan Mac Whyte Jan 4th, 2021

Elmet Herald

  • Education Deputy

Elmet was the name of a village in Yorkshire in proximity of the tribe of Brigantes. Elmet Herald, therefore, was the deputy in the vicinity of Brigantia. Originally, and beyond the tenure of Rowen Brigantia, Elmet is the deputy charged with furthering heraldic education in the kingdom. - Ulric von der Insel, Jan 4th, 2021

The Kingdom of Brigantia was conquered by the Romans around the second century, but after the Romans left in the fourth century, the small Kingdom of Elmet emerged in the southern portion of what had previously been Brigantia and continued until it was overrun by the Angles early in the seventh century. - Mathghamhain Ua Ruadháin, 4 Sep 2020

According to Steffan ap Kennydd: "The Elmet position was created specifically for Baron Alfgar the Sententious, the third Principal Herald of the East and first to style himself Brigantia, upon his retirement as principal herald."

Early Elmet Heralds played a more general role before the position was redefined as specifically focused on heraldic education.

Golden Lyre Herald

  • South Western Regional Deputy - see Terpsichore Herald below

Golden Rapier Herald

  • Central Regional Deputy

Golden Rapier was created when Regional Heralds were reinstated by Ryan Brigantia. It is named for the Order of the Golden Rapier. - Ryan Mac Whyte Jan 4th, 2021

Herault Hibou Blanc

  • French Liaison

Pendant la période de Ryan Brigantia il a été noté que son Français était très pauvre. Comme il comptait déjà sur les hérauts Québécois pour les traductions, il fit de ce poste un adjoint officiel du Brigantia.
During the time of Ryan Brigantia it was noted that his French was very poor. As he was already relying on Quebecois heralds for translations he made the position an official deputy of the Brigantia. - Ryan Mac Whyte Jan 4th, 2021

Jongleur Herald

  • Tournament Heraldry Deputy

When, During his first reign, King Edward wanted to instate list trees for his Crown Tournament one member of his staff volunteered to produce all the combatant's Heraldry and manage them during the tournament. As the notion of the Crown List Trees became a regular thing the position became an official deputy herald, thus the position was created by Rowen Brigantia. Today the position is charged with working with the Minister of the Lists during Crown Tournament to send the combatant's heraldry to the list trees. The Term Jongleur was selected to pair with the Tournament Herald's title of Troubadour as they had become a traveling troupe. - Ryan Mac Whyte Jan 4th, 2021

Maunche Herald

  • Regalia and Display Deputy

Mentioned in the January 2010 edition of Pikestaff.[3]

Mosaic Herald

  • Kingdom Level Notification Deputy/Warrant Deputy

Compiling a Letter of Intent used to be a real cut-and-paste jobs. Paper submissions were photocopied, the devices were cut out with scissors and taped or pasted onto a typed (with a typewriter) letter. It was very tedious. Mosaic was the deputy who performed this duty. This later became the deputy in charge of issuing and maintaining warrants for kingdom heralds and pursuivants, at least by December 2010.[4]

Mural Herald

  • Society-Level Notification Deputy

Pallet Herald

  • Heraldic Art Deputy

Each submitter or local pursuivant was charged with drawing the submitted device on the paper forms. Some were better artists than others. Pallet Herald was created when a volunteer stepped forward to draw devices that were more recognizable as what the submitter wanted. --Steffan ap Kennydd 19:50, 4 January 2021 (UTC)

Pantheon Herald

  • Deputy to Blue tyger

Pantheon was originally created as the title for the regional herald of the Canadian (then “Northern Shores”) groups. I’m not sure why “Pantheon” was chosen as there was no prior allusion, but I think it had something to do with the fact that a pantheon (the heraldic beast) is strewn with estoiles, and this was thought to resonate in some way with the idea of the North Star. --Steffan ap Kennydd 19:50, 4 January 2021 (UTC)

Shepherd's Crook Herald

  • Precedence Clerk

Shepherd's Crook has been the Keeper of the East Kingdom Order of Precedence. Once, this was typewritten, then became a database in the tenure of Mistress Caitlin Davies. Upon her untimely passing, the office passed to Duchess Anna Ophelia Holloway Tarragon, as announced in the April 2011 edition of Pikestaff. --Ulric von der Insel 11:10, 5 January 2021 (UTC)

Silent Herald

  • SCASL Translation

The Silent Herald is charged with providing ASL (or SCASL) assistance to include those members of the populace who are hearing impaired in court. - Ryan Mac Whyte Jan 4th, 2021

Silver Crescent Herald

  • Financial Deputy/Heraldic Inquiry

By at least December 2010, the duty of caring for the finances became the area for Silver Crescent.[5]

Rowen Brigantia had the financial aspect of the College moved over to the Kingdom Exchequer's office, so the Silver Crescent position lay fallow until it was re-designated the go-to herald for any heraldic inquiries. - Rowen, January 4th, 2021.

Silver Crescent is sometimes listed as the "Ask-A-Herald Deputy" and is responsible for fielding requests for name or armory consultations submitted through the "Ask A Herald" web form. - Mathghamhain Ua Ruadháin, 4 Jan 2021

Standard Herald

  • Website Deputy

Terpsichore Herald

  • Southern Regional Deputy

Terpsichore Herald was created when Regional Heralds were reinstated by Ryan Brigantia. It is named for the Award of the Terpsichore. - Ryan Mac Whyte Jan 4th, 2021

Troubadour Herald

  • Tournament Deputy

The Troubadour Herald is responsible for the organizing and training heralds for tournament lists such as Crown Tournament and Champions' Competitions. - Ryan Mac Whyte Jan 4th, 2021

Vox Regis Herald

  • Unofficial

Before the Crown's personal court herald was designated to be Eastern Crown Herald, it became an informal custom to refer to the herald who performed a royal court who wasn't Brigantia to be referred to by the Latin for 'Voice of the Crown', or Vox Regis. This was never official, but was considered at least a bit more classy than the preceding usage of 'pocket herald;. - Rowen, January 4th, 2021


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