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Available Office Templates
Title Syntax Displays
Seneschal {{Seneschal}} Seneschal
Herald {{Herald}} Herald
Knight Marshal {{KtMarshal}} Knight Marshal
Fencing Marshal {{FnMarshal}} Fencing Marshal
Archery Marshal {{ArMarshal}} Archery Marshal
Thrown Weapons Marshal {{TWMarshal}} Thrown Weapons Marshal
Equestrian Marshal {{EqMarshal}} Equestrian Marshal
Combat Archery Marshal {{CAMarshal}} Combat Archery Marshal
Youth Combat Marshal {{YCMarshal}} Youth Combat Marshal
Exchequer {{Exchequer}} Exchequer
Chronicler {{Chronicler}} Chronicler
Minister of Arts and Sciences {{MoAS}} Minister of Arts and Science
Chirurgeon {{Chirurgeon}} Chirurgeon
Minister of the Lists {{MoL}} Minister of Lists
Chatelaine {{Chatelaine}} Chatelaine
Chancellor Minor {{ChMinor}} Chancellor Minor
Web Minister {{WebMin}} Webminister
Chamberlain {{Chamberlain}} Chamberlain
Signet {{Signet}} Signet