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Upload the Image

To add a photo or image to a wiki page, you need to first upload the image file to the wiki.

  1. On left side of the screen, in the toolbox section is the "Upload file" link. Click this to get to the upload page.
  2. Use the "Browse" button to locate the file you want to upload. Supported file types are .GIF, .JPG and .PNG.
  3. If needed, change the Destination filename to something simple and descriptive. Avoid names like "Device.gif", and instead use something like "WolffauerDevice.gif"
  4. The Summary section of the upload form can be used to describe the image, credit the source and classify the image. The classifications most commonly used for images are:
    • [[Category:Populace Armorial]] - used for personal and household devices and badges
    • [[Category:Territory Armorial]] - used for local group devices and badges
    • [[Category:Photos]] - used for all photos that do not belong in the following categories
      • [[Category:A and S Photos]] - photos of A&S projects, other crafts, and photos associated with "how to" pages
      • [[Category:Camp Photos]] - photos of camps, camping equipment, camp kitchens, etc
      • [[Category:Horse Photos]] - photos of horses and equestrian activities
      • [[Category:Household Photos]] - photos used on household pages
      • [[Category:Profile Photos]] - the primary photo in the info box on your profile page
      • [[Category:Regnal Photos]] - photos used on the pages for the tenures of Royalty and Landed Barons
      • [[Category:Armor Photos]] - Photos of individuals in armor, with helmet in place (fencing or heavy).
  5. Click "Upload file" and the file will be added to the wiki. All uploaded files can be found listed here. Type your username into the search box there to limit the list to files you uploaded.
  6. If you realize you forgot to give your file a descriptive name, you can change the name using the "Move" option in the Actions menu. If you've already linked to it from somewhere else, leave behind a redirect, and you can update links at your leisure.
  7. If you want to change the description or categories assigned to a file later:
    • Select "Edit" from the Actions menu
    • Make your changes
    • Recommended: use the Preview button to check your changes
    • Optional: summarize your changes in the Summary box
    • Save your changes when you are satisfied

You can also read more about Categories.

Add an Image to a Wiki Page

To place an image on a page, edit the page and add the following code:


using the destination file name of the image you wish to show. The image file names are case sensitive - "WolffauerDevice.gif" is not the same as "WolffauerDevice.GIF".

To add a photo or device image to your populace page, edit your page and locate the Populace template which will look something like this:

|photo = [[File:Photo needed.jpg|200px]]
|photocaption = Caption Needed
|location = 
|status = 
|opid =
|device = [[File:Device needed.jpg|200px]] 
|devicecaption = Heraldry Needed 
|awards = 
|offices = 

Replace the place holder file name ("Photo needed.jpg" or "Device needed.jpg") with the destination file name of the image you wish to show. For example:

|device = [[File:WolffauerDevice.gif|200px]]

The "|200px" tells the wiki to display the image with a width of 200 pixels. If your image is smaller than that, you can leave that part off and the image will be displayed at full size.

Show Preview to preview your page, and confirm the that the image shows up. If all is good, save the page.

Showing Images Elsewhere on Your Page

"Arms, Argent a wolf rampant per fess gules and sable"
Michel Wolffauer's arms

Other options you can use when adding an image are:

  • |alt="" - this uses the text between the quotes as alternative text to describe the image if it doesn't load or if it is encountered by a screen reader. This is very important for accessibility and users are encouraged to include it with all images.
  • |right or |left - this tells the wiki to display the image on the right or left side of your page
  • |thumb - this tells the wiki to display the image as a thumbnail.
  • |A text description - this needs to be the last option, and will add hover text to an image, or a description to a thumbnail.

For example:

[[File:Wolffauer.gif|200px|right|thumb|alt="Arms, Argent a wolf rampant per fess gules and sable"|Michel Wolffauer's arms]]

Gives you the image on the right side of the page:

Add An Image Gallery To Your Page

Sometimes, you want to show multiple images together, as a gallery. This is easy to do as well. Once you have the images uploaded, add a section like this to your page:

File:ImageOne.jpg | give this file a display name
File:ImageTwo.jpg | give this file a display name
FIle:ImageThree.jpg | give this file a display name

For example,

File:SillyMarginalia1.jpg | A silly bishop and congregation.
File:SillyMarginalia2.jpg | A silly dog playing the bagpipes.
File:SillyMarginalia3.jpg | Is that Yoda?

results in: