Haus Wanderstamm

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Feast 2019a.jpg
Dining after Court, Great Northeastern War 2019
Founded: 2002-ish
Status: Active
per pale gules and azure, a falcon upon a stump within a border or
Award Badges

Haus Wand-der-stamm {huhs vahn-dur-stahm} -noun

  • 1. German, for “a band of traveling companions”.
  • 2. A household of creative anachronists within Malagentia. A medieval hunting camp; pointy, and non-child safe.


"Concilium Habemus"


Our household guidelines are somewhat fluid, but every version contains; “Strife, no drama”. We’ll help you set up your tent at all hours in sheeting rain, we’ll hide you from the Queen no questions asked; but there really must be some other time to expound upon troubles which you just do not want a Medieval hunting party to try fixing.

Confessed Members