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Shire of Hartshorn-dale
Or, a stag's attires and on a chief azure three laurel wreaths Or.
Founded: December 1988
Location: Chester and Montgomery Co., PA




Established: December 1988

Blazon: Or, a stag's attires and on a chief azure three laurel wreaths Or.

Heraldic officer's title: Attire Pursuivant (reg. Oct 2008)


Newsletter: The Hartshorn

Brief History: A small group in Montgomery and Chester counties were given a charter by the Barony of Bhakail in 1988, and were offically a separate group in December of that year. Founding members included Duchessa Diana Alene, Baron Hrolf Hrafnsen, Master Galleron de Crecy, William Widfarer, and Master Griffin de fort Epee.

Early events held by the Hartshorn-dale included Elizabethan Feast, Feast of Illusion autocratted by Cindy Renfrew, and Quest Tourney at Hibernia. Other events, notable for their long running or for significant events occuring there include:

--Alles Faire: a Memorial weekend event, with a unique tourney the Pas de Deux (designed by Master Galleron), a storming of the castle walls with the ladies defending by throwing rose bombs, archery, and two feasts. It always rained that weekend, always. And over the years four weddings were held at Alles Faire including Vjelhelm & Katrina whose wedding was the first Alles Faire, and Diana & Hrolfr’s daughter, known as Helena Hrolfsdottir, whose wedding was at the 2nd to last Alles Faire.

--Games and Galliards. A long running event with a game tourney, a feast and dancing in the evening, well loved and relaxed. Autocrat was Michel Wolfauer, who eventually became the EK Exchequer and historian, and was one the creators of this wiki.

--Greenlane Demo. Long running, very large camping event and demo situated next to a lake with a floating Nessie that we would have fun firing potatoes from the trebuchet at. Greenlane was more loved than most events because it was low key. There was heavy weapons, rapier, blacksmithing, calligraphy, and fiber works of all types. We woke one morning at Greenlane to a bagpiper playing the Flintstones theme. The fog would come across the lake and create a magical feeling and place. Alison Wodehalle was the autocrat for five years for this one, and before her Lord Osgrim was the autocrat.

--EK 12th Night (2002?), in which we truly fed the masses, and this was the 12th night during which Duke IceFalcon was called up for military service during the event, Leaving his Queen Isabella to finish their reign on her own.

--Crown Tourney In which Duke Gregor was victorious beginning his third reign and Kienna’s first reign. Autocrat was Siobhan inghean ui Dhonnabhain (known to most for her voice and her work in the musical community of the East).

--Known World Arts and Sciences in Spring 2018, for which we had the renowned Gale Owen Crocker and Robin Netherton as our guest speakers, which we felt was quite a coup. Autocratted by Alison Wodehalle.

--Currently we have been holding a series of "Dining with..." events, in which a feast targeted to a specific time and place are researched in detail then put together as an immersion event.

One more story: There was a time when there was a Hartshorn-dale encampment at Pennsic on N12. There were antics one Pennsic with the group next door. They entered our camp after dark with not one of us seeing them though many were home, and they did put flamingoes throughout the camp. We then spent the week “searching for homes” for the flamingoes. The flamingoes went to classes, and to Herald’s point. They went shopping and they partied. Samuel di Bianco placed an ad in Pennsic Independent saying the ‘godfather’ was looking for the owners of these flamingoes. Finally, the flamingoes were left around the campfire of the camp that had given them to us, and had strewn beer bottles around, and looked hungover. The flamingoes have continued to be a bit of a theme for those who camped with us that year, which was around 40 people. Pennsic in 2018, Diana hosted a Flamingo Ball in the dance tent. Samuel di Bianco and others have flamingo garb. Duke Kelson was gifted a flamingo codpiece while he was on the throne.


  • Known World Arts & Sciences Symposium 2018
  • Bards & Rogues 2017
  • Artisans' Village 2016
  • Artisans' Challenge and Display 2010, 2011

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