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*[[Muirenn Ingen Giric]]
*[[Muirenn Ingen Giric]]
*[[Duarcain MacWard|Lord Duarcain MacWard]]
*[[Duarcain MacWard|Lord Duarcain MacWard]]
*[[Akamatsu Katsumoto|Lord Akamatsu Katsumoto]]

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The Handsome Boys Receive the Blue Tyger Legion at Pennsic 45
Founded: 2009
Status: Handsome
(Fieldless) In saltire a rapier inverted sable and a mirror Or glassed argent
Award Badges
Blue Tyger Legion


The Handsome Boys are a fencing household created by Anastasia da Monte, Dionisio da Desio, and Lottieri Malocchio. They are a 16th century gang, named in English but run by Italians.


Blue Tyger Legion by Kenric III and Avelina III, August 12, AS 51.



At every Pennsic war The Handsome Boys hold a tournament for the entertainment of a number of less-stabby gentlefolk. Each year our guests judge us on our comportment, style, skill, and wit and one Boy is chosen as the Handsomest for the next year.

  • 2016: Urraka al-Tha'labiyya and Catalina de Valencia (A tie!)
  • 2015: Liadan Ingen Chineada
  • 2014: Dionisio da Desio
  • 2013: Llewellyn Walsh
  • 2012: Anastasia da Monte
  • 2011: Lottieri Malocchio


Sometimes the Handsome Boys hire mercenaries as cannon fodder to fill out their ranks during Pennsic Field Battles.