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|photo = [[File:DSC 4999.JPG|200px]]
|photo = [[File:DSC_6109a.JPG|200px]]
|photocaption = Gwenllian Rhiannon
|photocaption = Gwenllian Rhiannon
|location = Shire of Panthervale
|location = Shire of Panthervale

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Gwenllian Rhiannon
Resides: Shire of Panthervale
Status: active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Per fess embattled argent and azure, in chief a heron close contourné and in base a wyvern erect counterchanged.
Award & Office Badges


Gwenllian Rhiannon of Dragonkeep, Viscountess by Right of Arms Drachenwald, MSCA, OP


11th Century Welsh woman. Combat trained due to all the battles with the English!

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Champion of Horse (Queen's) 8/27/16 Champion of Horse (Kings) 9/14/19 Queen's Guard (West): 8/24/91

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In Case of Court

Viscountess Gwenllian Rhiannon of Dragonkeep

More Information

Gwenllian Rhiannon of Dragonkeep was the first Princess by right of arms of Drachenwald as a principality, before it attained kingdom status.