Guild of St. Mark

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Agrippa: rapier dagger
Founded: August 5, 2009
Status: Active
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Winged Lion Ramapant Or, Maintaining a Letter M Gules

The Guild of St. Mark is hereby created to cultivate the study of unarmored swordsmanship and other weapon use as found during the time period of 1300 AD to 1599 AD in European Culture. The Guild shall be open to any and all members of the Kingdom who desire to expand their knowledge of these historical forms of swordsmanship and weapon use. Through demonstrations, tournaments, exhibitions and classes the guild hopes to foster a community of learning for its members and to educate the Kingdom populace about historic combat in the middle ages.


Founded on the Fifth Day of August, A.S. XLIV by nine charter members and signed into being as a Royal Guild by Andreas Eisfalke Von Ulm and Gabriella Von Ulm, King and Queen of the East.


  • Don Alain Longship - Founding Chancellor of Rolls
  • Lady Alesonne Gray
  • Lord Brendan Firebow
  • Lady Elysabeth Underhill
  • Lord Lorenzo Gorla
  • Lord Lucien de Winter - Current Guild Master
  • Sir Mitchell MacBain, OP
  • Don Orlando Sforza
  • Lord Owynn Greenwood - Founding Guild Master

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