Gregor IV and Kiena II

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King: Gregor Heiseler
Queen: Kiena Stewart
East Kingdom Crown #: 91
Preceded by: Edward II and Þora
Succeeded by: Kenric II and Avelina II


  • Summer reign of AS 47-48 (April - October 2013).
  • King and Queen for Pennsic 42 (2013). East 42, Mid 5.





  • Spring Coronation of Gregor Von Heisler IV and Kiena Stewart II
  • Spring Crown Tournament
  • King's and Queen's Rattan Champions
  • East Kingdom Southern Region Spring War Practice
  • AEthelmearc War Camp
  • Panteria XVIII and The King and Queen's Equestrian Championship
  • Southern Region War Camp & King and Queen's Archery Champions
  • Twenty Years of Drachenwald
  • Bhakail Baronial Investiture
  • Northern Region War Camp hosts the K&Q Equestrian AND Thrown Weapons Championships
  • Great Northeastern War 27
  • Pennsic 42
  • Baronum Inauguratio/ Baronial Investiture / Investiture Baronniale
  • River Wars IV
  • Kingdom of Acre Autumn Crusade
  • Fall Coronation - Kingdom of AEthelmearc
  • Endewearde's First Baronial Investiture

More Information

Coronation Report, EK Gazette Crown Tournament Report, EK Gazette

Coronation Event Notice