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Award Information
Type: Society Award
Founded: 01/19/1969 by Bruce and Florence In the east.

Prior Grants may have occurred in other Kingdoms.

Premiere(s): Frederic of Feolildwyn
Recipients: Grant of Arms Holders

Those who have been of exceptional service to the East Kingdom may receive a Grant of Arms from the crown. Most commonly, a Grant of Arms accompanies a Territorial or Court Barony. In addition, recepients of the Orders of High Merit receive a grant of arms as part of that award, if they do not already have one.


  • Lord/Lady
  • Note: Many Kingdoms by custom use the title of Lordship, Ladyship or The Honorable Lord/Lady, often abbreviated to THL, but this is not part of the Society description of the award.

The only official writing on this subject appears in a "Laurel Cover Letter" of October 1981 (

(I received a number of good suggestions concerning holders of Grants of Arms. In addition to the collar they may already wear, they will have the form of address of "Your Lordship" or "Your Ladyship." When written to or referred to in the third person, they will be "The Honourable Lord X" or "The Honourable Lady Y." All of these are period forms that will help distinguish a Grantholder from an Awardholder.)

Very many of the pronouncements and precedents of this era have been superseded, discredited, or just fallen into disuse. This one especially, was never codified in SCA law or policy beyond this statement, so it may be considered "custom" at best and is not official SCA policy. The strictly official SCA title for the holder of a Grant of Arms is simply "Lord" or "Lady", the same as for holders of Awards of Arms.

The phrase about the collar refers to a Collar of Estate, which (despite this pronouncement) is not restricted and never has been (except perhaps by some law or policy at a kingdom or lower level...but in any case, never in the East). --Steffan ap Kennydd 01:36, 4 March 2009 (UTC)


  • No regalia. (Except see above).

Other Information

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