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*Thrown Weapons (Marshal)
*Thrown Weapons (Marshal)
*Youth Fencing (MiT)
*Youth Fencing (Marshal)
*Youth Thrown Weapons (MiT)
*Youth Thrown Weapons (Marshal)
*Youth Combat (MiT)
*Youth Combat (MiT)

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Lord Grímólfr Skúlason and wife Lady Khazariyya
Resides: Barony Beyond the Mountain
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Lozengy argent and gules, two ravens displayed and a wolf statant sable.
(Fieldless) In saltire a garden rose slipped and leaved and a rapier Or and overall a wolf's head couped sable.
Award & Office Badges
Grimolfrdevice.jpg Award of Arms
Companion of the Order of the Silver Wheel Order of the Silver Wheel
Badgearcher.jpg Archer

Herald White Oak Persuivant
FnMarshal BBM Marshal of Fence

PID.jpgPredator in the Darkness
Northernarmy.gif Northern Army
BTL-schwenkle.gif Blue Tyger Legion


I have been a part of the SCA since anno societatis 44. My girlfriend at the time (now my beautiful wife) told me about the SCA and insisted that I join her at Pennsic XXXVIII. It was my first event and there was so much going on that it took me until Pennsic XL before I started to find my footing in the SCA.


Born in Scandinavia in the year 821, Grímólfr Skúlason was the second son. His older brother was the heir to his family's farm and land was scarce to start his own family. Grímólfr, seeking his own way in life, joined an expedition to Ireland in the 830's under a chieftain named Thorgisl. Thorgisl and his crew set up settlements up the River Shannon in Ireland to make it easier for plundering the monasteries in Ireland. In 841, Grímólfr helped establish a community founded on the wedge of ground where the River Poddle met the River Liffrey, at a marshy place the locals called 'the black pool' Dubh Linn.

Over the years, the settlement turned from a temporary staging point into a full fledged settlement. Grímólfr decided to set up his home here, where he spent the remainder of his days.


Arms : Lozengy gules and argent, two ravens displayed and a wolf statant sable

Personal Badge : (Fieldless) In saltire a garden rose slipped and leaved and a rapier Or and overall a wolf's head couped sable

Student Badge : (Fieldless) A closed book argent sustaining in chief a wolf couchant sable

House Badge : Gules, three drinking horns fretted in triangle mouths inward and on a chief argent a valknut between two ravens respectant sable


  • Rogue - July 24, 2009-current (Pennsic 38) - Award of the Hearthstead from Northshield at Pennsic 43 by Siegfried IV and Elizabeth II
  • Shadow Wolf - July 19, 2013-current (Pennsic 42)
  • Kindermaus - July 19, 2013-current (Pennsic 42)
  • Order of the Cask (brewers household) - Pennsic 44

Fighting Units


  • Fencing (Marshal)
  • Thrown Weapons (Marshal)
  • Youth Fencing (Marshal)
  • Youth Thrown Weapons (Marshal)
  • Youth Combat (MiT)
  • Archery - Rank Archer
  • Service
  • Heraldry (Book, Field, and Court)
  • Leather working
  • Brewing
  • Cross-stitch

Offices & Positions

  • Thrown Weapons Marshal at Large - 2015-current
  • Youth Combat Marshal in Training - 6/2016-current
  • Youth Rapier Marshal in Training
  • Youth Thrown Weapons Marshal in Training
  • Swampwatch Certified with PID (Predators in the Darkness). The Swamp Watch is an informal, yet highly organized volunteer security force operating with the full approval of and in cooperation with Pennsic Public Safety.


Event Staff

  • Rapier MiC for Summer Soltice Shoot - 6/20/15
  • Assisted MiC for Thrown Weapons at UnNatural Axes VI - 8/21/15
  • Butler for Yule Feast at BBM/Bergantal Yule - 2014 and 2015
  • Dayboard staff for Hrim Schola - 3/19/16
  • MiC for Thrown Weapons Championship for BBM - 10/9/16


  • Barony Beyond the Mountain Baronial Fencing Champion sword hanger (a leather sword hanger, hand tooled with the baronial arms)
  • Leather worked house banner for Rogues, Spak-Hrafns Hús, and Order of the Cask
  • Leather tooled 14th century French pouch. Given as gift during Don Christoffel d'Allaines-le-Comte's OGR ceremony
  • Leather tooled youth aventail for my son's armor kit. The aventail contains the East Kingdom populace badge and his mother and my arms marshaled

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