Gonzalo Corneille

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Gonzalo de Corneille.jpg
Gonzalo Corneille
Resides: Bergental
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Per fess argent and azure, a raven displayed azure and a tower proper
Award & Office Badges


My mother is Maria Gonzalez she is my father, Corneille Pierre's, housekeeper at his villa in Avilés, Leon. Fathers wife is back home in the Low Countries. While my father has not fully acknowledged me as his heir, he has used his contacts to help me out. First with the priest getting me the position as a novice at a monastery. When it turned out the Church was not my calling. Father introduced me to a ships captain who was looking for able bodied young people and sent me off to join the crew of the Dream Chaser. Meeting Lady Captain Jamie was a shock to a young man of the late 15th Century, raised running wild on the streets of Avilés. For many a year I sailed under Captain Jamie and then when my indenture was done I took my leave in a long forgotten port. I went from trade to trade selling my labor to learn skills and trades.

A few years ago a gentleman approached me with an offer. He had fabrics that he wanted to sell elsewhere and a ship to do it with. The problem was the Captain of the ship; he had angered the crew while at sea, and then tried to keep them aboard at dock. The men rebelled and in the ensuing fight the Captain met an unfortunate end, the crew fearing the law fled the ship. So he had a ship, a cargo, and no crew. I knew enough about ships to act as captain and enough about fabric to act as his agent. I made a counter offer and we went into business together.

So now I am a merchant sailor, I own a portion of the ship and a share of the profits. The Flying Terrapin is a well built ship of that new Twin masted round caravel design; rigged with a square fore sail, and a lateen aft. Sometimes Alexandros of Megisti travels with me, we have become more then business partners.

Caravela de armada of Joao Serrao.jpg

A round caravel of the age.

I carry a sword named Clavar (kla·bar) Spanish for 'to nail'. Her name was found at the Market Day at Birka XXIX, where the next day she was used by the Her Royal Majesty, Margarita De Siena, to swear in an officer of state during morning court.


Offices & Positions

Court Historian Barony of Bergental Deputy Webmaster Barony of Bergental

Event Staff

None to date

Projects & Publications

Domesday Book of Bergental

Classes Taught

East Kingdom Wiki, How and Why do you want to set one up.

In Case of Court

Tell me in person, far a head of time so I can be there. I am at almost every Bergental Fighter Practice. I am also active on the Bergental Facebook page.

Gonzalo Corneille is pronounced (ɡonˈsalo korney)

Pronouns; He/Him, They/Them.

Mail me at 245438 at members.eastkingdom.org

More Information

My family and I have moved from Atenveldt (Phoenix, Arizona), to Western Mass in 2017 and I joined the Barony of Bergental's growing Fencing Cadre in February of 2018. I sew, both machine and hand, and I am available for commissions.