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Gilbert Christian Blackmoore Pic.png
October 2019
Resides: Barony of An Dubhaigeainn
Status: Active
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Per chevron sable and gules, two dragons combattant argent and a cross patonce gyronny sable and argent.
Award & Office Badges
The Bronze DuckThe Bronze Duck
I hold no offices


My mundane name is Jason C Peck. I first joined MSR (Kingdom of Acre) in the summer of 1989 and shortly thereafter joined the SCA as well. I was introduced to both by my brother Sir Richard fitz Richard Blackmoore (James Arthur Peck). I am squired to Sir Jehan le Batard. After taking a short 25 year break from the game from 1994 to 2019, I am now back participating in the society as part of the Surtr's Brood household.


I come from the borderlands between Northumbria and Mercia in the mid 13th century at the tail end of the Crusades. I am of Anglo-Saxon heritage. Though my given name is Gilbert Christian Blackmoore, I generally use the name Gilchrist socially.

Offices & Positions

I hold no offices or positions.

Event Staff

While I have certainly helped out at events, especially at Sands Point in the old MSR days, I have never done so in an official capacity.

Projects & Publications

I constructed most of my armor, my pell, my thrown weapons spear, all of my own garb and I am working on making my own CA crossbow. I also helped my daughter with her armor and some of her garb. I am currently working on my first A&S project.

In Case of Court

It is best to contact Baron Dankwert Bathory. I would rather not be contacted directly as I like surprises.

More Information

East Kingdom Novice Day Thrown Weapons Champion 07/20/2019