Gerhardt von Hohensee

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Royal Court, April A.S. 53
Resides: Barony of Stonemarche
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Hohensee device.png
Or, three seeblätter one and two, a trimount gules.
Award & Office Badges
Furison Companion of the Order of the Silver Rapier


Hohensee was a small town in some mountainous region of the German-speaking states around the turn of the seventeenth century, most likely destroyed by somebody during the Thirty Years War, and of which Gerhardt von Hohensee was a member of the local gentry.

For whatever reason, Gerhardt departed his native land for Italy and other parts of Western Europe, probably to pursue his interest in fencing and goodness knows what else he did.

Although historians have managed to recover a page of Gerhardt's memoir, the vast majority of his written work has apparently been lost.

Surviving Excerpt from "A Criticism of Popular Dueling Methods"

There is a particular trende I have observed among the French youth, that of attacking an opponent's foote; and whilst on occasion successful (in a manner of speaking), I cannot recommend this method against any serious adversarie; or, for that matter, against any one wearing shoes. For whilst a barefoote peasant may be prone to such pedary offense, a respectable maister of the dueling arte will be quick to punish any cockamamie comportment.

Fencing Style

Evidence suggests that Gerhardt was a proponent of Italian methods.

File:Fabris stop hit.jpg

Savatore Fabris 1606

On the Subject of Lawns

There are passing references in the literature to another work by Gerhardt on the subject of lawn care, and in particular the removal of knaves therefrom, but no copy of this document is known to have survived.


Amalie device.png Espoused to Amalie von Hohensee

Dewynteredevice.gif Provost to Master Lucien de Wyntere

Stonemarche arms.gif Inhabitant of the Barony of Stonemarche


Barony of Stonemarche:

SM Champ Fencing.jpg Baron's Rapier Champion A.S. 51

SM Champ Fencing.jpg Baronessa’s Rapier Champion A.S. 53

20px Deputy Webminister A.S. 53 -

Icon seneschal.gif Deputy Seneschal A.S. 53 -

East Kingdom:

20px Queen's Guard, Reign of Fortune I, A.S. 53

Icon FencingMarshal.gif Local Rapier Marshal A.S. 53 -

Pugnatium Vitae

Northernarmy.gif 69th in Armored Combat, A Market Day at Birka, AS 47

Northernarmy.gif 10th in Rapier, A Market Day at Birka, AS 51

Northernarmy.gif 8th in Rapier, A Market Day at Birka, AS 52

Settmourswamp.png 1st in Rapier, Mudthaw, A.S. 53