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|awards = [[Image:GenevraDevice.gif|50px|Award of Arms|link=Award_of_Arms]]{{OBT}}
|awards = [[Image:GenevraDevice.gif|50px|Award of Arms|link=Award_of_Arms]]{{OBT}}
|offices = {{Chatelaine}}{{Tadcaster_Militia}}
|offices = {{Chatelaine}}{{Tadcaster_Militia}}

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Lady Genevra d'Angoulême
Resides: Barony of Iron Bog IB populace v2.png
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Azure, a dragon segreant within a double tressure Or.
Award & Office Badges
Award of ArmsCompanion of the Order of the Burdened Tyger

Order of the Sable MartletOrder of the Silver MartletOrder of the Sable CompassOrder of the Ducke

ChatelaineMember of the Tadcaster Militia


Genevra has been a member of the SCA since 1996. She has resided most of that time in the Barony of Iron Bog, where she is currently serving as the Chatelaine and the bearer of the mighty Stick Weasel Sinister. Her interests include sewing, cooking, archery, and fencing (as a spectator only). Genevra is a member of the Tadcaster Militia, where she is known as the Hedgehog Wrangler. She is married to Don André l'Épervier.


Genevra d'Angoulême is a minor noblewoman living in southern France in the late 15th century.

Awards & Honors

  • Queen's Honor of Distinction, Roxane III, 4/1/2006
  • Award of Arms, Griffyth I and Aikaterine I, 5/5/2007
  • Order of the Sable Martlet, Iron Bog, 6/2/2007
  • Seamstress to the Crown, Andreas III and Gabriella I
  • Order of the Burdened Tyger, Andreas IV and Gabriella II, 9/26/2009
  • Baroness' Silver Ring, Iron Bog, 8/7/2011
  • Order of the Sable Compass, Iron Bog, 11/21/2012
  • Order of the Silver Martlet, Iron Bog, 8/2/2015

Offices & Positions

  • Chatelaine, Iron Bog, 2010 - 2013, 2015 - present
  • Deputy Chatelaine, Iron Bog, 2013 - 2015
  • Deputy Chronicler, Iron Bog, 2014 - present
  • Deputy Mistress of Arts & Sciences, Iron Bog, 2014 - present

Event Staff

  • Kitchen staff at numerous events
  • Head Dayboard Cook, Harvest Feast, Iron Bog, 11/11/2006
  • Head Dayboard Cook, EKU War College, Iron Bog, 9/13/2008
  • Head Dayboard Cook, Ducal Challenge, Iron Bog, 6/6/2009
  • Head Cook, River Wars, Iron Bog, 9/25/2009 - 9/27/2009
  • Head Dayboard Cook, Bog's Birthday, Iron Bog, 3/13/2010
  • Event Steward, Baronial Birthday Bash & Champions' Tourneys, Iron Bog, 3/17/2012
  • Co-Head Dayboard Cook, EKU Collegium, Bhakail, 8/25/2012
  • Head Dayboard Cook, May-Be (I'll Try Something New), Iron Bog, 5/10/2014
  • Head Dayboard Cook, May-Be (I'll Try Something New), Iron Bog, 5/9/2015
  • Head Feast Cook, King's & Queen's Rattan Champions/Baronial Investiture, Iron Bog, 6/13/2015

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