Gaufrid Kelson II and Geneviere II

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Sovereign: Gaufrid Kelson von Heidelberg
Consort: Geneviere d'Alsace
East Kingdom Crown #: 75
Preceded by: Thorvald and Svava
Succeeded by: Darius III and Roxane III


  • Established the Tyger of Foreign Legions given to those East Kingdom subjects who have demonstrated exceptional martial prowess on the field, as field support, staff, or others who suport the East Kingdom at events held in other kingdoms. An individual may receive this honor more than once. Established as June 19, A.S. 40 by Gaufrid Kelson II and Geneviere d'Alsace II, renamed as the Company of the Pennon of the East January 25 A.S. 49 by Edward III and Thyra II.
  • King and Queen for Pennsic 34 (2005). Mid 26, East 1.





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