Flokkr for Gabriel

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Written by Toki Redbeard in drottkvaett.

On June 5, A.S. 39, Michalene, Baroness Bergental, presented Baron Kai with a son—Gabriel.

Sharp the Berkshire shover
shows but rarely mercy.
Draw-wand deep and potent,
at dusk stands the victor.
Michalene the mighty,
matriarch and warder,
Has sent a son noble,
swift-footed to Midgard

Mighty trees make acorns,
Michalene gave her heir.
Son to wife sagacious
soon begins his lessons.
Land director lady
learning’s fruit will offer.
Wise will be his counsel.
words shall bear his praises

Battle-eager Baron
bids his lands make welcome.
heir to stand in spear-fight.
sidelong with his father.
Trained with brand and bowstring
by the army leader,
fierce Gabriel’s flight-swifts
foes will slay in battle.

Dotage none are dreading,
doubting not the sword-heir.
Bending bow, the sapling,
boldly will guard hilltops.
On sodden sword-forests
spikes will fall in torrents.
Worm-borer and dwarf-wine
will protect the people.

© Michael Dixon