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Founded: 2018
Status: Active
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Fir naLeon
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Fir naLeon started as a Fianna style war band that has evolved over time in the wake of Roman influence on their native areas. Despite their varied origins, the members of this group grew quickly and adopted early clan structures with several "families" forming one large entity.


Formed in 2018 by Tiernan MacAlpine and Brien MacShane, the house was an effort to provide structure and support to the squires and men at arms under them. It quickly evolved to include the families of those fighters, as well as the welcome addition of those focused on Arts and Science. This has created a very well-rounded and supportive atmosphere that encourages any and all historical pursuits without prejudice.


The members of Fir naLeon enjoy attempting to achieve as period accurate as possible material culture within their means. They understand that the acquisition and application of knowledge and items takes time, research, and effort. Because of this, they do their best to encourage and help each other, and those around them, to achieve their goals regardless of arts and science, marshal, or service pursuits.


Founding Members: