Fearghus mac Cailin

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Fearghus mac Cailin
Resides: Barony of An Dubhaigeainn
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Per fess sable and argent, a sun Or and an Irish wolfhound courant sable and in chief two mullets of seven points argent
Award & Office Badges
Award of Arms Companion of the Order of the Silver Tyger Companion of the Order of the Tygers Combattant Companion of the Order of the Silver Wheel Companion of the Order of the Silver Crescent The Bronze Duck The Silver Feather The Drake's Spur CourtBarony


Started in the SCA by attending Pennsic with friends, starting in 2007. Joined house Serpentius in 2014. Current interests include fighting (heavy list), thrown weapons, period board games, tin whistle, Egyptian Faience, pewter casting, woodworking, and leatherwork. Fights for the honor of the inspirational Catriona bean mhic Cailin.


Late period Scottish.

Pronouns He/Him

More Information

Member of the Heavy List Unbelted Champions team for Pennsic 49 (2022)

Member of the Thrown Weapons Champions team (first alternate) for Pennsic 49 (2022)

Captain of the Queen's Guard for Honig II

Southern Region deputy seneschal 2022 - Present

Social Media Officer of An Dubhaigeainn 2022 - Present

Seneschal of An Dubhaigeainn 2019 - 2022

Thrown Weapons champion of An Dubhaigeainn 2019 - 2021

Captain of the East's team for the Atlantian 10 man melee tournament at Pennsic 2018 & 2019

Holds rank of Agent in the East Kingdom Assassin's Guild

Resides in the Barony of An Dubhaigeainn

Member of Falcon's Keep

Armored Scout for Running with Scissors

Member of Beyond the Pale, House Serpentius

I am not in a fealty relationship with a peer. Any feedback can be directed to Baron Arne Ulrichson.

In case of court

Please notify my wife. MKA Caitlin Carroll, SCA name Catriona bean mhic Cailin. Fearghus loves surprises.

NON-OP AWARDS (For OP awards, please click the Order of Precedence link under my picture in the upper right of this page)

6/15/2019 Made a companion of the order of the Drake's Spur (An Dubhaigeainn).

8/7/2019 Made a companion of the order of the Silver Feather (An Dubhaigeainn).