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*Archery Marshal/MiT, Magnus Surtsson
*Archery Marshal/MiT, Magnus Surtsson
*Student, Master Maxton Gunn
*Student, Master Maxton Gunn
==Society Contributions (AKA heppin)==
*Morgan Kendrick, Order of the [[Silver Tyger]][]
*[[Trian O'Bruadair]], Order of the [[Silver Rapier]] []
== In Case of Court ==
== In Case of Court ==

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Faílbe Mac Néill
Status: Active
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Heraldry Pending Approval
Award & Office Badges

Archery Marshal


Greetings from Faílbe Mac Néill.

I am a Gallowglass merc with my eyes set on a comfortable ending in Irish nobility.

Nearly a millennia ago my greatest grand Papi Neill was a notorious king. When My great, great, great, great, great, great grandmother came to the island on her Viking crusade she found a man to um... Well, they set roots. My father was Gallowglass, just as his father before him. As a Gallowglass, I carry a large sword, a bow, and a few Spears. On the journey to Irish nobility, you'll find me fighting on the rapier field, along the archery line, and in the thrown weapons range.

On my off time, you'll find me working with leather to make tools and crafts.

Brewing or drinking a warming beverage.

I'm constantly trying to learn more skills and share what I know with my fellow Gentiles.

The Fantastical Fury of Failbe blog[1]


14th Century Gallowglass, Archer, thrower, rapier, crafter, brewer.

Offices & Positions

Event Staff

  • Archery MiT, H&M, 2018
  • Archery MiT, GNEW, 2018
  • Archery MiT, Harvest Moon, 2018
  • Archery MiT, The Endewearde Hunt, 2018
  • Deputy Marshal for Archery, GNEW, 2019


  • Archery Marshal/MiT, Magnus Surtsson
  • Student, Master Maxton Gunn

Society Contributions (AKA heppin)

In Case of Court

I like surprises, but please let someone in ravensbridge or Malagentia know so they can con me into going.

More Information