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East Kingdom Events in 2013

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Start Date End Date Event RP Territory Location
1/5/2013 EK 12th Night RP, HP Iron Bog Moorestown, NJ
1/12/2013 12th Night in the Court of Love Ruantallan Middle Sackville, NS
1/12/2013 Barony 12th Night Smoking Rocks Fairhaven, MA
1/12/2013 Bellringers Carillion Manalapan, NJ
1/12/2013 Twelvlth Night Masque Balle and Feast Smithwick Littleton, ME
1/19/2013 Owlsherste Country 12th Night Owlsherst Weigelstown, PA
1/20/2013 Quintavian Hafla RP Quintavia Stow, MA
1/25/2013 1/26/2013 Market Day at Birka XXIV RP, HP Stonemarche Manchester, NH
1/25/2013 1/27/2013 Musicians' Day Ostgardr Peekskill, NY
2/2/2013 The Queen's Meadhall - King's and Queen's Bardic Champions RP, HP Carolingia Walpole, MA
2/2/2013 ~at the sign of the~ Dancing Fox Nordenhalle Kingston, NY
2/9/2013 King's and Queen's Rapier Championship RP, HP L'ile du Dragon Dormant Île-Perrot, QC
2/9/2013 Mistletoe Revel - Accessorized Barren Sands Pomona, NJ
2/10/2013 Feast of the Gaunt Days Bridge Hopkinton, RI
2/16/2013 Black Gryphon Inn Gryphonwald
2/16/2013 Kings and Queens A&S Champions RP, HP Dragonship Haven Meriden, CT
2/16/2013 The Modern World Collides with the SCA Again! Iron Bog Moorestown, NJ
2/16/2013 Tourney of Love Endewearde Bangor , ME
2/23/2013 An Dubhaigeainn Spring Schola and A&S Championship An Dubhaigeainn Huntington, NY
2/23/2013 Dining with King Valdemar II at Mid-Winter Hartshorn-dale Blue Bell, PA
2/23/2013 Octo Weasel!! Ice Weasel VIII Smoking Rocks Fall River, MA
2/23/2013 The Abbey of St. Aegir’s First Annual Brewing Collegium Eisental Mohnton, PA
2/23/2013 Winter War 16 RP Northern Outpost Potsdam, NY
2/26/2013 3/4/2013 Estrella War XXIX RP Atenveldt Queen Creek, AZ
3/1/2013 3/3/2013 Bear's Tavern Northpass Peekskill, NY
3/2/2013 Dance the Cold Winter Away III Silver Rylle Hershey , PA
3/2/2013 The Caristia Hadchester Rockport , ME
3/2/2013 Winter Bardic Blast and Feast Caer Adamant Newark, DE
3/9/2013 All Things Scribal - Late Winter Northern Edition Malagentia Eliot, ME
3/9/2013 Black Rose Ball XXXVI RP Bridge Cranston, RI
3/9/2013 Noisemakers VIII Ivyeinrust Clifton Heights, PA
3/10/2013 3/17/2013 Gulf Wars XXII RP, HP Gleann Abhann Lumberton, MS
3/16/2013 Novice Schola/Baronial Birthday - Rescheduled Bergental Springfield, MA
3/23/2013 Barony of l'Ile du Dragon Dormant - Baronial Rapier Championship L'ile du Dragon Dormant Montreal, QC, QC
3/23/2013 Hrim Schola XVII Quintavia Clinton, MA
3/23/2013 Market Day at Sigtuna Seashire Lake Echo, NS
3/23/2013 Mudthaw & Baronial Investiture RP, HP Settmour Swamp Livingston, NJ
3/30/2013 Festival of the Passing of the Ice Dragon Æthelmearc Buffalo, NY
4/6/2013 Mancala Wars II Distant Shore Truro, NS
4/6/2013 Spring Coronation of Gregor Von Heisler IV and Kiena Stewart II RP, HP Carillion Allentown, NJ
4/6/2013 The Anglespur Dinner Dance Anglespur Castleton-On-Hudson, NY
4/13/2013 Duke Balfar's Challenge Dragonship Haven Meriden, CT
4/13/2013 Spring in The Shire Lyndhaven Havelock, NB
4/14/2013 A Springtime Court of Love Bhakail Glenside, PA
4/19/2013 4/21/2013 East Kingdom Brewing Collegium & Novice Schola Frosted Hills Wappingers Falls, NY
4/20/2013 Endewearde’s Silver Anniversary Celebration Endewearde Prospect, ME
4/20/2013 Spring Thynge X Fantastic Beast Caer Adamant Middletown, DE
4/20/2013 Swabian Peasants Festspiele Carolingia Groveland, MA
4/26/2013 4/28/2013 Spring Crown Tournament RP Ostgardr Staten Island, NY
5/4/2013 King's and Queen's Rattan Champions RP Rusted Woodlands Tappan, NY
5/10/2013 5/12/2013 East Kingdom Southern Region Spring War Practice RP Owlsherst York Haven, PA
5/11/2013 Spring Tyger and Bucket Malagentia East Waterboro, ME
5/17/2013 5/19/2013 Middleground V Lyndhaven Yoho, NB
5/17/2013 5/19/2013 Mohr Faire HP Bridge Johnston , RI
5/17/2013 5/20/2013 AEthelmearc War Camp RP Æthelmearc Slippery Rock, PA
5/24/2013 5/27/2013 Panteria XVIII and The King and Queen's Equestrian Championship RP Panther Vale Thetford, VT
5/24/2013 5/27/2013 War of the Roses XXXIII HP Concordia of the Snows Pattersonville, NY
5/31/2013 6/2/2013 Baronial Archery Championship VIII L'ile du Dragon Dormant Saint-Damien, QC
5/31/2013 6/2/2013 Southern Region War Camp & King and Queen's Archery Champions RP, HP Carillion Manalapan, NJ
6/1/2013 A Medieval Meeting Hadchester Rockland, ME
6/7/2013 6/9/2013 Sommer Draw Bergental Greenfield, MA
6/7/2013 6/9/2013 XXVI Baltanes welcome the Tir-Mara Archery Championship HP Havre des Glaces Saint-François, QC
6/8/2013 A Day in the Solar Hartshorn-dale Blue Bell, PA
6/8/2013 The Test of An Dubhaigeainn and Ostgardr An Dubhaigeainn Huntington, NY
6/14/2013 6/16/2013 Cohasset Wars (formerly Vinland Raids) EK War College Smoking Rocks Yarmouthport, MA
6/14/2013 6/16/2013 New Moon Carnival III & Tir Mara Fencing Championship Lyndhaven Havelock NB., NB
6/14/2013 6/16/2013 Opening of the Inne Coldwood Peru, NY
6/14/2013 6/16/2013 Palio di Stonemarche Stonemarche Contoocook, NH
6/15/2013 Pillage the Village Iron Bog Mount Holly, NJ
6/19/2013 6/23/2013 Twenty Years of Drachenwald RP Drachenwald Witzenhausen, Germany
6/20/2013 6/23/2013 Knowne World Dance and Music Symposium Concordia of the Snows Saratoga Springs, NY
6/21/2013 6/23/2013 East Kingdom War Practice and Drachenwald 20 Year Anniversary Pity Party Eisental Lehighton, PA
6/21/2013 6/23/2013 Randy Rooster Pub & Grub II Montevale Fort Loudon, PA
6/28/2013 6/30/2013 35th Known World Heralds and Scribes Symposium Ansteorra San Antonio, TX
6/29/2013 Bhakail Baronial Investiture RP Bhakail Philadelphia, PA
6/29/2013 "Potted" Arms & Fancy “Faire” VII Hawke's Reache Huntington, NY
6/30/2013 Riverdale Riverfest Ostgardr Bronx, NY
7/4/2013 7/7/2013 Northern Region War Camp hosts the K&Q Equestrian AND Thrown Weapons Championships RP Glenn Linn Warrensburg, NY
7/11/2013 7/14/2013 Great Northeastern War 27 RP, HP Malagentia Hebron, ME
7/13/2013 Sumer Archery Shoote Concordia of the Snows Voorheesville, NY
7/19/2013 8/3/2013 Pennsic 42 RP, HP East, Æthelmearc & Middle Slippery Rock, PA
7/26/2013 7/28/2013 Orchard War V Hadchester Union, ME
8/17/2013 Northern Region Rapier Academy & Championship Malagentia Eliot, ME
8/17/2013 Schola in the Meadow Blak Rose Mechanicsburg, PA
8/18/2013 Bhakail Champions & Commons Bhakail Newtown Square, PA
8/23/2013 8/25/2013 End of Summer Medieval Fair **official event Smithwick Houlton, ME
8/23/2013 8/25/2013 Post Pennsic Playground Smithwick Houlton, ME
8/23/2013 8/25/2013 Victuality: The event! (Period cooking for the SCA: Kitcheners, Vintners and Brewers) Dragonship Haven Oxford, CT
8/24/2013 Arrows and Ales in the Port de Valencia An Dubhaigeainn Middle Island, NY
8/24/2013 Baronum Inauguratio/ Baronial Investiture / Investiture Baronniale RP, HP Havre des Glaces Lévis, QC
8/24/2013 Summer Toylord Tournament Iron Bog Pemberton, NJ
8/28/2013 9/2/2013 Battlemoor the Outlands Rye, CO
8/30/2013 9/2/2013 Harper's Retreat Stonemarche New Durham, NH
8/30/2013 9/2/2013 Hunter's Moon Anglespur East Greenbush, NY
8/30/2013 9/2/2013 Summer’s End, AS 48 Ynys Y Gwaun Breadalbane, PE
8/31/2013 The Sack of Carolingia Carolingia Groveland, MA
9/6/2013 9/8/2013 River Wars IV RP, HP Iron Bog Williamstown, NJ
9/6/2013 9/8/2013 The Feast of John Barleycorn - Dead or alive? Northpass North Salem, NY
9/7/2013 Fort Knox Demo Endewearde Prospect, ME
9/7/2013 Summers End Schola Owlsherst York, PA
9/7/2013 Unnatural Axes IV Ravenhill Bethel, CT
9/13/2013 9/15/2013 La Feste du Nord Havre des Glaces Franquelin, QC
9/13/2013 9/15/2013 Treffen der Clans Eisental Lehighton, PA
9/14/2013 ARTS & ARROWS III 2013 Glenn Linn Fort Edward, NY
9/14/2013 Battle of the Fiery Beast III: The Fall of Lilliput Coill Tuar Highland, NY
9/14/2013 Fall Tyger and Bucket Malagentia South Hiram, ME
9/14/2013 Harvest Moon Shoot Malagentia South Hiram, ME
9/15/2013 Hadchester Demo at the Fat Friar’s Hadchester Newcastle, ME
9/20/2013 9/22/2013 Fall Frolic Northern Outpost Winthrop, NY
9/20/2013 9/22/2013 Kingdom of Acre Autumn Crusade RP Acre Orange, CT
9/20/2013 9/22/2013 Lost Tip Archer's Gathering X Panther Vale Randolph, VT
9/21/2013 Artifacts of a Life HP Beyond the Mountain Manchester, CT
9/21/2013 Fall Coronation - Kingdom of AEthelmearc RP Æthelmearc Millmont, PA
9/21/2013 The Siege of Castle Theo D'or Distant Shore New Glasgow, NS
9/21/2013 9/22/2013 Queens County Farm Demo Ostgardr Floral Park, NY
9/21/2013 9/22/2013 Wrightstown Village Faire DEMO Buckland Cross Wrightstown, PA
9/28/2013 Endewearde's First Baronial Investiture RP, HP Endewearde Bangor, ME
9/29/2013 Medieval Festival at Fort Tryon Whyt Whey New York, NY
9/29/2013 Renaissance Arts Day (Demo) Ivyeinrust Philadelphia, PA
10/4/2013 10/6/2013 Coronation of Kenric II and Avelina II RP, HP Bridge Coventry, RI
10/5/2013 4Q Beyond the Mountain Bozrah, CT
10/5/2013 A Day in Florence Northpass Peekskill, NY
10/5/2013 A Day of Dance at Cedric's Tavern Seashire Middle Sackville, NS
10/11/2013 10/13/2013 Closing of the Inne Coldwood Peru, NY
10/11/2013 10/13/2013 Ghosts Ghouls and Goblins Carillion Manalapan, NJ
10/11/2013 10/14/2013 Endewearde Hunt RP Endewearde Newburgh, ME
10/12/2013 Tir Mara A&S and Rattan Championships RP Lyndhaven Oromocto, NB
10/12/2013 Winter Nights Concordia of the Snows Cohoes, NY
10/19/2013 Baronial Birthday of Stonemarche Stonemarche Newport, NH
10/19/2013 Border Spat: Infestation! L'ile du Dragon Dormant Ile Perrot, QC
10/19/2013 La Boustifaille au Défi d'Igor Havre des Glaces Quebec, QC
10/19/2013 Shire Wars III, The Western Shires vs The Known World Silver Rylle Jonestown, PA
10/26/2013 Novice Schola RP Nordenfjord Suffern, NY
10/27/2013 A Day of Champions Settmour Swamp South Plainfield, NJ
11/2/2013 Delirus Mediaevalis Scientia Feriae Buckland Cross Feasterville-Trevose, PA
11/2/2013 East Kingdom Fall Crown RP Carolingia Walpole, MA
11/2/2013 Ruantallan 25th BIA Ruantallan Truro, NS
11/9/2013 Bjorn's Ceilidh Concordia of the Snows Cohoes, NY
11/9/2013 El Cid - The Event Bhakail Center Square (Blue Bell), PA
11/9/2013 Smoking Rocks Investiture RP Smoking Rocks New Bedford, MA
11/9/2013 St. Andrews Gets Bit By Dracula An Dubhaigeainn Middle Island, NY
11/16/2013 Wear Schola Nordenhalle Kingston, NY
11/16/2013 Foresters Fall Feast and Faire Avonmore Saint Marie, NB
11/16/2013 Medieval Flea Market Barren Sands Hammonton, NJ
11/16/2013 Saint Eligius Celebration of Arts and Sciences RP Dragonship Haven Meriden, CT
11/17/2013 EK Regional Fencing Practice Carolingia Cambridge, MA
11/23/2013 100 Minutes War RP, HP Rusted Woodlands Manalapan, NJ
11/23/2013 East Kingdom Service University Stonemarche Concord, NH
11/30/2013 Herne the Hunter RP RP Ruantallan Lake Echo, NS
12/7/2013 Bergentall/BBM yule Beyond the Mountain New Britain, CT
12/7/2013 Bridge Birthday - 40 RP Bridge Riverside, RI
12/7/2013 La Feste des Glaces Havre des Glaces Quebec, QC
12/7/2013 Stonemarche Yule Stonemarche Concord, NH
12/14/2013 Bhakail Yule: A Tudor Yule Bhakail Philadelphia, PA
12/21/2013 Quintavia Yule Quintavia Bolton, MA

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