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East Kingdom Events in 2001

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Start Date End Date Event RP Territory Location
05/05/2001 Krig Opaelring 2001 Shire of Mountain Freehold Johnson, VT
05/05/2001 Balfar's Challenge 2001 RP Barony of Dragonship Haven Wallingford, CT
05/05/2001 Ultimate Rapier Academy 2001 Province of Malagentia Portland, ME
05/05/2001 Thomaston Opera House Renaissance Faire 2001 Barony of Dragonship Haven Thosmasston, CT
05/18/2001 05/20/2001 East Kingdom Spring War Practice 2001 RP Shire of Owlsherst York, PA
05/18/2001 05/20/2001 Northern Shores Region War Camp/Lyndhaven Spring Schola IX 2001 Shire of Lyndhaven Jacksonville, NB
05/25/2001 05/28/2001 Alles Faire IV 2001 Shire of Hartshorn-dale Peach Bottom, PA
05/25/2001 05/28/2001 Wars of the Roses 2001 RP Barony of Concordia of the Snows Mariaville, NY
05/25/2001 05/28/2001 Quest XVIII Mother Goose Eats Borscht 2001 Barony of Settmour Swamp Neshanic Station, NJ
06/01/2001 06/03/2001 The Riding of the Marches 2001 Canton of Northpass Putman & Westchester, NY
06/01/2001 06/03/2001 Feast of the Stag: The Odyssey Begins 2001 Shire of Montevale Ft. Loudon, PA
06/02/2001 4Qx9 2001 Canton of Dragon's Aerie Bozrah, CT
06/08/2001 06/12/2001 Known World Dance Symposium III 2001 Barony of Carolingia Boston, MA
06/08/2001 06/10/2001 Barren Sands War 2001 Shire of Barren Sands Daretown, NJ
06/09/2001 Come To The (Herb) Fair 2001 Shire of Coill Tuar New Windsor, NY
06/15/2001 06/17/2001 Kings and Queens Archery Tourney 2001 RP Shire of Rusted Woodlands Augusta, NJ
06/15/2001 06/17/2001 Landsknecht Equinoxious 2001 Shire of Eisental Lehighton, PA
06/15/2001 06/17/2001 Golden Sword Tourney and Midsummers Celebration 2001 Barony of Stonemarche Dublin, NH
06/22/2001 06/25/2001 Crossbows, Combats, and Ceilidhs 2001 Barony of L'ile du Dragon Dormant Eastman, QC
06/23/2001 Champion of Arms Tourney 2001 RP Shire of Rusted Woodlands Tappan, NY
06/23/2001 Bearly Lace 2001 Canton of Forestgate Hightstown, NJ
06/29/2001 07/01/2001 East Kingdom War Camp in Glenn Linn 2001 RP Shire of Glenn Linn Warrensburgh, NY
06/29/2001 07/01/2001 Wolfhunt 2001 Shire of Montevale Waynesboro, PA
06/30/2001 Baronial Championship Tournament 2001 Barony of the Bridge Lincoln, RI
07/06/2001 07/08/2001 Barony of Ruantallan War Camp & Baronial Archery Champions 2001 Barony of Ruantallan Morristown, NS
07/07/2001 Bead Making Workshop - St Martins II 2001 Shire of Silver Rylle Campbelltown, PA
07/13/2001 07/15/2001 Baronnie of Havre des Glaces Warcamp 2001 Barony of Havre des Glaces Ste-Brigite (Québec), QC
07/14/2001 Southern Region Arts and Science Exhibition 2001 Barony of An Dubhaigeainn Setauket, NY
07/14/2001 Baronial Archery Championship Tournament of Carolingia 2001 Barony of Carolingia Dedham, MA
07/20/2001 07/22/2001 Great Northeastern War XV 2001 RP Province of Malagentia Hebron, ME
07/27/2001 07/29/2001 East Kingdom War Camp/Third Annual Embroidery Pentathlon and Display 2001 RP Shire of Eisental Lehighton, PA
08/03/2001 08/19/2001 Pennsic XXX 2001 RP Kingdom of East/Aethelmearc/Middle Slippery Rock, PA
08/24/2001 08/26/2001 Battle for the Bloody Bridge II 2001 Shire of Lyndhaven Havelock, NB
08/31/2001 09/03/2001 Hunters' Moon 2001 Shire of Anglespur East Greenbush, NY
08/31/2001 09/03/2001 Flames of Fall 2001 Barony of Ruantallan Between Truro and Tatamagouche, NS
08/31/2001 09/03/2001 Harpers' Retreat 2001 Barony of Stonemarche Allenstown, NH
08/31/2001 09/03/2001 Swamp Thing 2001 Shire of Caer Adamant Middletown, DE
09/01/2001 Baronial Investiture -Barony of Bergental 2001 RP Barony of Bergental New Salem, MA
09/07/2001 09/09/2001 The Feast of John Barleycorn 2001 Canton of Northpass North Salem, NY
09/08/2001 Autumn Rose Faire & Tourney 2001 Barony of Iron Bog Haddonfield, NJ
09/14/2001 09/17/2001 Legends of Chivalry VI 2001 RP Canton of the Towers Dunstable, MA
09/15/2001 09/16/2001 Lakewood XX Ren Faire Demo 2001 Barony of Carillion Lakewood, NJ
09/15/2001 Something Fishy This Way Comes V 2001 Bailiwick of Ivyeinrust Philadelphia, PA
09/21/2001 09/23/2001 3C's Raincheck 2001 Barony of L'ile du Dragon Dormant Eastman, QC
09/22/2001 Falling Leaves 2001 Barony of Carolingia Wellesley, MA
09/22/2001 Children's Crusade 2001 Shire of Quintavia Millbury, MA
09/22/2001 Arts in the Mountains 2001 Shire of Mountain Freehold Jericho, VT
09/28/2001 09/30/2001 The Coronation of Their Royal Highness's Lucan and Jana 2001 RP Barony of Stonemarche Alton, NH
09/29/2001 09/30/2001 Celtic Classic Festival and Demo 2001 Shire of Eisental Bethlehem, PA
09/29/2001 Autumn Revel 2001 Barony of An Dubhaigeainn Smithtown, NY
09/30/2001 Cloisters Medieval Faire 2001 Canton of Whyt Whey New York, NY
10/05/2001 10/07/2001 Schola 1001: The Odyssey Ends 2001 Shire of Montevale Ft. Littleton, PA
10/06/2001 Northern Shores Champion at Arms Tournament III 2001 Shire of Lyndhaven Woodstock, NB
10/06/2001 King of the Mountain 2001 Shire of Mountain Freehold Johnson, VT
10/12/2001 10/14/2001 Baronial Investiture Anniversary 2001 Canton of Ynys Y Gwaed Brackley Beach, PE
10/12/2001 10/14/2001 Kingdom Crusades V 2001 RP Kingdom of East/Atlantia Darlington, MD
10/13/2001 Bare Blade Fortress Brawl 2001 Shire of Endewearde Prospect, ME
10/20/2001 Les Jeux des Chevaux 2001 RP Shire of Quintavia Harvard, MA
10/20/2001 Fall Harvest/Border Spat 2001 Barony of L'ile du Dragon Dormant Montreal, QC
10/20/2001 Dragonship Haven Baronial Birthday 2001 Barony of Dragonship Haven Bridgeport, CT
10/20/2001 Generic Dead Vikingsson 2001 Shire of Nordenhalle Kingston, NY
10/27/2001 Fête des Bois (Feast of the Woods) 2001 Canton of Bois Ardent (incipient) Trois-Rivières (Three Rivers), QC
10/27/2001 Samhain Masquerade Ball 2001 Barony of Bhakail Philiadelphia, PA
10/27/2001 Fall Feast of Simplefare 2001 RP Canton of Fennbrycg Norwich, CT
11/03/2001 Owls Reste Fall Schola 2001 Shire of Owlsherst North York, PA
11/03/2001 Crown Tourney 2001 RP Barony of Dragonship Haven Ansonia, CT
11/03/2001 Jaggerfest 2001 Shire of Northern Outpost Potsdam, NY
11/03/2001 Harvest's End: A Feast of Shadows 2001 Barony of Iron Bog Swedesboro, NJ
11/09/2001 11/11/2001 3001 Arabian Minutes - the story continues 2001 Shire of Silver Rylle Fort Indiantown Gap, PA
11/10/2001 100 Minutes War/Kings and Queens Rapier Champs 2001 RP Shire of Rusted Woodlands Mahwah, NJ
11/10/2001 4th Annual Northern Highlights - Golden Artisan A&S Event 2001 Barony of Stonemarche Hudson, NH
11/17/2001 Autumn Schola 2001 Shire of Hartshorn-dale Boyertown, PA
11/17/2001 Bjorn's Ceilidh XXI 2001 Barony of Concordia of the Snows Cohoes, NY
11/17/2001 Agincourt Memorial Tourney 2001 Crown Province of Ostgardr Huntington, NY
11/24/2001 St. Andrew Sails to the New World 2001 Barony of An Dubhaigeainn Bayshore, NY
11/24/2001 Take One Sheep: Northern Shores Academy (EKU) and Investiture 2001 RP Barony of Ruantallan Dartmouth, NS
12/01/2001 Seraglio 2001: A Mid-East Odyssey 2001 Barony of Settmour Swamp East Brunswick, NJ
12/01/2001 Yule Feast 2001 Barony of Bergental Springfield, MA
12/07/2001 12/09/2001 Celestial Revel in the Guild Hall 2001 Canton of Northpass Peekskil, NY
12/08/2001 Feast of Saint Nicholas 2001 Barony of Concordia of the Snows Schenectady, NY
12/08/2001 30 Year Anniversary Yule Revel 2001 Barony of Bhakail Philadelphia, PA
12/08/2001 25th Anniversary Celebration 2001 RP Barony of the Bridge N. Kingston, RI
12/15/2001 Midwinter Revel 2001 Barony of Settmour Swamp Whitehouse Station, NJ
12/15/2001 Mistletoe Revel 2001 Shire of Barren Sands Pomona, NJ
12/15/2001 BBM Baronial Yule 2001 Barony of Beyond the Mountain New Hartford, CT
12/15/2001 Herne the Hunter 2001 Canton of Seashire Lewis Lake, NS
12/22/2001 Barony of Stonemarche Yule 2001 Barony of Stonemarche Londonderry, NH

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