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"Ethereal" is the term modern SCAdians use to refer to activities taking place primarily over the internet.

During the Modern Plague of 2020, like the rest of the world, the SCA had to pivot to online events as in-person events had to be canceled. Regardless of plagues, ethereal events are likely to continue to feature as a tool and compliment to in-person events for the foreseeable future. The benefits of ethereal events is that they offer a level of access to those who might struggle to attend live events, as well as fostering collaboration (and sometimes competition) between far-flung reaches of the Known World.

Notable Ethereal Events in the East Kingdom

Ethereal Court

The first Ethereal Court was held during the reign of Her Majesty Margarita de Siena in April 2020 and the institution continues into the present. The Ethereal Courts are venues for the dissemination of Kingdom-wide news and the distribution of awards.


Ethereal Court playlists on YouTube

Arts and Sciences Classes

The East Kingdom Ministry of Arts and Sciences sponsored a series of online classes during the pandemic.


Arts and Sciences Classes on YouTube

The First Bardic War

The First Bardic War was accidentally kicked off during the Journeymen's Concert hosted by the Middle Kingdom in January 2021. The incident that precipitated the War has gone down in history as The Zoom Where It Happens.

The war itself took place from May 15th-23rd 2021.


The Bardic War performances on YouTube