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For the most part we practice the games of skill that squires and other mounted warriors would have partaken in. This includes hitting the quintain, "jousting" at rings, spear throwing, and stabbing objects on the ground. In addition, we do sword work against inanimate objects. As well, we have begun doing Mounted Crest Combat. Most often you will see us executing an obstacle course including many of the above elements and sometimes includes archery from horseback. We also do light contact jousting and perform cavalry maneuvers.

"The games really display a partnership between horse and rider. Not everyone needs to own a horse and medieval tack to participate. Ground crews to help reset targets and assist the riders are always welcome. In fact it is a great way to get introduced to our activities! Of course, spectators are highly encouraged." - SCADemo.com


The East has a long history of equestrian activities. The first Equestrian Champions were selected in 1997.


Kingdom Equestrian Officer: Baroness Doucette de Verdun

Deputy Kingdom Equestrian Officer: Mistress Ellen du Grandchamp

Southern Region Marshal: Baroness Doucette de Verdun

Central Region Marshal: Duchess Katherine Stanhope

Northern Region Marshal: Mistress Ellen du Grandchamp

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