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Lady Emma
Resides: Bergental
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Per bend sinister indented azure and vert, a harp bend sinisterwise and an arrow bend sinisterwise Or.
Award & Office Badges
Companion of the Order of the Burdened Tyger
Seneschal ArMarshal


Joined the SCA in 2002. Seneschal of Bergental in the Kingdom of the East. First event was Novice Schola/Bergental Birthday. First Pennsic was Pennsic XXXI. I'm a musician, song writer, archer, and illuminator. Having great fun, learning tons!


I confess, I have a split persona-lity. Sometimes I'm an early 13th century Celt and other times I'm a Norse woman with lots of bling and a funny hat.

Currently I'm the Seneschal of the Barony of Bergental In 2003 I was the Chronicler and "Drop dead Deputy Seneschal" Currently trying to figure out exactly when I became Seneschal. (I'll get back to it!)

Event Staff

All these events are in estimated chronological order but asking me to remember dates is like asking me to remember what I wore last Tuesday! The farther away the date, the more approximate it is!

  • Co-Feast cook: "Novice Schola" 2003
  • Event Co-Steward: "Crestfallen Tourney and Faille" 2003
  • Dayboard cook: "Bergental Yule" 2003
  • Event Co-Steward: "Bergental Yule and Kingdom Bardic Championship" 2004 - with Mistress Pagan Graeme
  • Event Co-Steward: "Bergental Yule" 2005 - with Lady Brigidtha
  • Event Co-Steward: "Coronation of Bryan and Anna" 2006 - with Mistress Pagan Graeme
  • Event Co-Steward from Bergental: "Crossroads" 2008 (?)- with Mistress Susanna
  • Event Co-Steward: "Sommer Draw" 200 -?
  • Event Steward: "All Things Scribal" 2008
  • Event Co-Steward: "Bergental/BBM Yule" 2009
  • Event Co-Steward: "Sommer Draw" 2009 - with Lady Henna Sinclair

Projects & Publications

  • Illuminator for East Kingdom scribal guild
  • Composer of former East Kingdom anthem: "Stands a Warrior" (copyright)

More Information