Elizabeth Darnley

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Bess working Gate at an event
Resides: Canton of Distant Shore, Barony of Ruantallan, Crown Principality of Tir Mara
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Heraldry Passed CoH
Award & Office Badges


Started in the Shire of Wolfsgate in the mid 1980s. Voted for the first Baron & Baroness of Ruantallan. Has since lived in three kingdoms, including Atlantia and Calontir (where she met her husband Yesungge Altan). Has been honoured with a few awards over the years including Laurel and Pelican, is the 11th Iren Fera of Calontir, and is #515 of Calontir's Iren Fyrd.

When not doing something within the Arts & Sciences community, Bess can be found occasionally behind a scutum next to her knight, Syr Duncan Bruce of Logan of Calontir. Bess is a 'lifer' squire and has a scroll to prove it ;)


Elizabeth "Bess" Darnley is an English woman from London, c. 1570. Once a lady in the outer circles of court, she is now of the respectable Middle Class

Current Offices & Positions

Tir Mara Deputy Waiver Secretary, Tir Mara Deputy Minister of Arts & Sciences,

Event Staff

Really too many to list. Have autocratted or was on staff for events from canton to kingdom level. Most recent: Head Cook for EK Crown Tournament May 2012, and "Bob the Steward" for Finchcock's Court, An Elizabethan Dinner.

Projects & Publications

A Study of Mongol Clothing in Contemporary Art Costume in Art 2.pdf Lastest project: Ceremonial Regalia for the Prince & Princess of Tir Mara, a cloak with Mistress Gwenhwyfar dinas Emrys and Lady Isobel Bickerstaff and a Sceptre and pater nosters with my whole household of apprentices, lead by Monsignor (now Magister) D'Unstable.

Active Apprentices

Pomestnitsa Tasiia Temnoloshadshaya (East Kingdom), Tíarna Díarmait Ó Bríain (East Kingdom), Lady Aureliana (East Kingdom), Lady Sameera of Vatavia (Calontir), Lady Eufemme (East Kingdom)

Active Proteges

Lady Pypa Ravenild (East Kingdom) HL Thorin Ulfsson (East Kingdom)