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==Active Proteges==
==Active Proteges==
Lady Pypa Ravenild (Tir Mara)
Lady Pypa Ravenild (Tir Mara)
HL Thorin Ulfsson (Tir Mara)
Lord Conn mac Branain  (Tir Mara)
Lord Conn mac Branain  (Tir Mara)

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Bess working Gate at an event
Resides: Canton of Distant Shore, Barony of Ruantallan, Crown Principality of Tir Mara
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Heraldry Passed CoH
Award & Office Badges


Started in the Shire of Wolfsgate in the mid 1980s. Voted for the first Baron & Baroness of Ruantallan. Has since lived in three kingdoms, including Atlantia and Calontir (where she met her husband Yesungge Altan). Has been honoured with a few awards over the years including Laurel and Pelican, is the 11th Iren Fera of Calontir, and is #515 of Calontir's Iren Fyrd.

When not doing something within the Arts & Sciences community, Bess can be found occasionally behind a scutum next to her knight, Syr Duncan Bruce of Logan of Calontir. Bess is a 'lifer' squire and has a scroll to prove it ;)


Elizabeth "Bess" Darnley is an English woman from London, c. 1570. Once a lady in the outer circles of court, she is now of the respectable Middle Class

Current Offices & Positions

Tir Mara Deputy Waiver Secretary, Webminister, Canton of Distant Shore

Event Staff

Really too many to list. Have autocratted or was on staff for events from canton to kingdom level. Most recent: Head Cook for EK Crown Tournament May 2012, and "Bob the Steward" for Finchcock's Court, An Elizabethan Dinner.

Projects & Publications

A Study of Mongol Clothing in Contemporary Art Costume in Art 2.pdf Lastest project: Ceremonial Regalia for the Prince & Princess of Tir Mara, a cloak with Mistress Gwenhwyfar dinas Emrys and Lady Isobel Bickerstaff and a Sceptre and pater nosters with my whole household of apprentices, lead by Monsignor (now Magister) D'Unstable.

Active Apprentices

Pomestnitsa Tasiia Temnoloshadshaya (Tir Mara), Tíarna Díarmait Ó Bríain (Tir Mara), Lady Aureliana (Tir Mara), Lady Sameera of Vatavia (Calontir)

Active Proteges

Lady Pypa Ravenild (Tir Mara) Lord Conn mac Branain (Tir Mara)