Elisabeth of Shrewsbury

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Elisabeth of Shrewsbury.jpeg
Elisabeth at Jehan's, 2017
Resides: Endewearde
Status: N/A
Awards: Order of Precedence
Elisabeth of Shrewsbury Heraldry.jpeg
Dog and ball on white shield
Award & Office Badges


Elisabeth of Shrewsbury is a 20-year-old re-enactor from the Barony of Endewearde. She participates in cookery, some sewing/mending, and has a large collection of resources. She prefers to re-enact the 1200's (preferably the reign of King John I), the 1300's, Wars of the Roses, and Tudor era life.


Born in Chelsea around 1486 to a Doctor and his wife from Shrewsbury, Elisabeth was an educated woman in a time where such was uncommon. She was brought up knowing the numerous skills most housewives of the time knew by heart, but preferred books over a needle and thread. In 1493, her father disappeared after being linked to the Perkin Warbeck scandal, and her mother married a merchant from Exeter. Elisabeth was betrothed in 1504 to her father's former apprentice, but he too disappeared after a year or so. Elisabeth keeps a quiet and functioning household as she looks for her missing lover. She is also known for handing food to knights and running away from fired cannons.

More Information

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