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I first joined the SCA in 2001, when I assisted Lady Marielle de Chalon in founding the UNH Medieval and Renaissance Club (later to become the Incipient College of St Cuthbert). I served alternately as Vice President or Minister of Arts & Sciences there for the next six years.

I received my AoA in 2005 at Northern Lights 14 for my work with the College, as well as my research in period maritime navigational equipment. At Great Northeastern War 2008, I was made a companion of the order of the Maunche.

I currently reside in Mountain Freehold, but was originally from the Barony of Stonemarche and still think fondly of that place and its people.

Please note: I'm not "Elinor Strangewayes of Dorset" - that's someone else entirely.


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