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Watching the rapier battles at Pennsic.
Resides: Canton of the Towers, Carolingia
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Elena hylton device.jpg
Azure, a chevron throughout between three needles bendwise sinister argent.
Award & Office Badges


My name is Elena Hylton and I am a seamstress and general fiber arts aficionado. I especially love fashion history, all sorts of embroidery, and card weaving, but I also dabble with viking wire weaving, alcohol, kumihimo, and singing (many of my hobbies are documented on my website Elena's Threads ). While in theory my persona is late 14th/early 15th century, I tend to meander around a bit when I get excited by a new type of gown or embroidery. I am mostly English (though also sometimes early Italian renaissance), and usually bounce around between 1200-1550.


Elena Hylton lives in 15th century northern England. She has not yet married, but instead stays on at her family home. She is an avid embroiderer, both for her own household and occasionally ecclesiastical pieces for the chapel located on her father's estate.

Offices & Positions

  • Member of the Keepers of Athena's Thimble since 2012. Granted rank of Artisan at Pennsic, 2014. Competency achieved in all 12 categories, period competency in monochrome embroidery.
  • Pennsic University Instructor, 2014, 2015.
  • East Kingdom University Instructor, 2015.


Classes Taught

A&S Participation


More Information

I am an enthusiastic embroiderer. My current primary interest is blackwork, but I also dabble in gold work (both laid and underside couching), free embroidery, German brick stitch, drawn thread work, and canvas work.

Fashion history is a bit of an obsession of mine, with a special focus on the 13th-16th centuries.

I also enjoy tablet weaving with various techniques.

A friend taught me spinning a few years ago and I very much enjoy it. My current weirdest experiments have been with cat hair and milk fibers (individually, not both on the same spindle).

I also do viking wire weaving, which I absolutely adore.

One of my current goals is to start with raw wool and make a period dress, but that will have to wait until I get a larger loom.

I am a huge supporter of the rapier crew The Handsome Boys and am so proud of their accomplishments at Pennsic 43!