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== Introduction ==
== Introduction ==

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Eleanor at Pennsic 47
Resides: Shire of Hartshorn-Dale
Status: Active
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Kelly first heard about the SCA in College. While she unfortunately did not have time to join then, she filed away the name for later investigation. Around January 2018 she decided to look up her local SCA group and, wonderfully, they have a dance practice! Kelly attended dance practice and has been hooked ever since. She was 'crazy' (perhaps dedicated, or curious?) enough to go to Pennsic 47 as her first SCA event and loved every minute of it. You can usually find her on the dance floor, learning some new craft, or playing music.


Persona is currently 'under construction'. The current working summary is: Eleanor De Astlye is from the town of Astlye, Shropshire, England. Her father (somehow) met and married a woman from Italy (which part? how did they meet?). After the death of her mother Eleanor was sent to be educated in Italy by her mother's family. She's recently returned to her father in Astlye (has he remarried? Maybe.)

While currently dressing in the style of early 16th Century England (Tudor), research is underway to develop garb and firmly situate my persona in the late 14th Century (1370's - 1400).

Offices & Positions

  • Chatelaine, Shire of Hartshorn-Dale, April 2019-Present
  • Social Media Officer, Shire of Hartshorn-Dale, March 2019-Present

Event Staff

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Projects & Publications

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In Case of Court

Eleanor Loves Surprises! Don't tell her before she gets an award.

Please do tell her local Shire friends so they can make sure she gets there. Any member of the Hartshorn-Dale dance group can assist: Diana and Hrolfr, Kathryn Perry and David Utz, or Sarah le Payller.

More Information

  • Eleanor loves her greyhound, Rowan, and brings him to as many events as possible. Sometimes he's even dressed in the same type of garb she is.
  • to contact Eleanor please email her at;