Edward III and Thyra II

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Edward Grey of Lochleven and Thyra Eiriksdottir
Sovereign: Edward Grey of Lochleven
Consort: Thyra Eiriksdottir
East Kingdom Crown #: 94
Preceded by: Brennan and Caoilfhionn
Succeeded by: Omega and Etheldreda


  • Winter reign of AS 49 (September 2014-April 2015).
  • Established the Order of the Golden Lance: given for prowess in the equestrian lists and service to the Kingdom in marshalling, teaching, and helping to promote and expand the knowledge of equestrian arts. Established March 28, A.S. 49.
  • Renamed the "Queen's Honour of Distinction" as "Queen's Award of Esteem" on January 25, A.S. 49.
  • Renamed the "The King's Esteem of Merit" as the "King's Award of Esteem" on January 25, A.S. 49.
  • Renamed the Order of the Tyger of Valor as the Order of Valor of the East on January 25, A.S. 49.
  • Renamed the Gift of the Golden Lyre as Award of the Golden Lyre January 25 A.S. 49.
  • Renamed the Tyger of Foreign Legions as the Company of the Pennon of the East January 25 A.S. 49.
  • Expanded Queen's Guard to include throwers on January 25, A.S. 49.


Chief of Staff – Mistress Eva Woderose

The Hand of the King and Queen – Baroness Clarice della Luna

Chief of Court – Baron Lachlann the Graheme

Eastern Crown Herald – Mistress Alys Mackyntoich

Chivalric Advisor – Master Avaldr Valbjarnarson

Captain of the Guard – Lord Simon Gwyn

Queen’s Favor Coordinator – Lady Ellisif Vemundardottir

Spymaster – Countess Caoilfhionn inghean Uí Fhaoláin

Mistress of the Closets – Baroness Cassandra Grey of Lochleven

Thank You Notes Organizer – Lady Chiara diMarzo

Web Minister – Baroness Aneleda Falconbridge

Gift Coordinator – Sir Michael of York

Bardic Coordinator – Mistress Aife ingen Chonchobair in Derthaige

Medallions and Regalia Coordinator – Mistress Constance de Saint Denis


The King's Champions

  • King's Archery Champion: Master Peter the Red
  • King's Arts & Sciences Champion: Lady Naomi bat Avraham
  • King's Bard: Mistress Ysemay Sterling
  • King's Equestrian Champion: Doucette de Verdun
  • King's Rapier Champion: Sir Antonio Patrasso
  • King's Champion of Arms: Duke Kenric æt Essex

The Queen's Champions

  • Queen's Archery Champion: Master Rupert the Unbalanced
  • Queen's Arts & Sciences Champion: Lady Agatha Wanderer
  • Queen's Bard: Master William the Alchemist
  • Queen's Equestrian Champion: Julian le Scot
  • Queen's Rapier Champion: Lady Sorcha Dhocair
  • Queen's Champion of Arms: Baron Matthias Grunwald


  • Pennsic: 7/25-8/10
  • King’s and Queen’s Equestrian Championships: 8/23
  • Battlemoor: 8/27-9/1 (His Highnes only)
  • Lady of the Rose Tournament: 9/20
  • Coronation: 9/27
  • Great Western War: 10/8-10/12
  • King’s and Queen’s Rapier Championship: 10/18
  • Crown Tournament: 11/1
  • Concordia Investiture: 11/8
  • Simply Allegorical: A Masque in Venice: 11/15
  • 100 Minutes War: 11/22
  • Tir Mara A&S and Armored Championships / Ruantallan Investiture: 11/29
  • Feste des Glaces: 12/6
  • Bergental/BBM Yule: 12/13
  • Coronation of Persephene and Dionysios (Kingdom of Acre): 1/3
  • Carillion Investiture / 12th Night: 1/17
  • Birka: 1/24
  • King’s and Queen’s Bardic Championship: 1/31
  • Dragonship Haven Investiture: 2/21
  • Estrella War: 2/25-3/2
  • King’s and Queen’s A&S Championship / Ille du Dragon Dormant Investiture: 3/7
  • Black Rose Ball: 3/14
  • Gulf Wars: 3/15-3/22