Edgithe Hlammandi

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{{Populace |photo = 50728624 10156394955747991 1941312560523378688 n.jpg |photocaption = Edgitha Hlammandi |location = Stonemarche |status = Member |opid = 9937 |device = Edgitha-device-200px.jpg |devicecaption = Per bend sinister azure and gules, a falcon belled and jessed maintaining in its talons a drinking horn Or. |awards = Furison [[File:edgitha-device-200px.jpg} Companion of the Order of the Silver Wheel|50px|Award of Arms|link=Award of Arms]]


Edgitha Hlammandi is an older woman of mixed descent living in 10th century Sca holm (the town at the northern-most tip of the Shetland Islands north of Scotland, controlled and owned by Scandinavia at that time).


Edgitha lives in Sca holm (modernly known as Skaw, on the isle of Unst: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skaw,_Unst), which is a very northernly town or village at the very northern part of the Shetland Islands. She is the child of a Shetland native mother and a Scandinavian father. Her father was a warrior who eventually settled down to fish, farm, and raise livestock. She has a strong connection with the land, and is considered to be very wise by her neighbors.

Offices & Positions

  • Granite Pursuivant, Stonemarche, August 2017 to present.
  • Deputy Herald, Stonemarche, September 2016 to August 2017

Contact Information

Edgitha can be reached in several ways:

Event Staff

  • Herald of Herald's Point, Birka 2020, 01/24/2020 to 01/26/2020
  • Autocrat, April Revel, 04/13/2019
  • Organizer, Stonemarche's entry in Jaffrey NH's St. Patrick's Day Parade, 03/17/2019
  • Herald of Herald's Point, Birka 2019, 01/25/2019 to 01/27/2019
  • Herald of Herald's Point, Birka 2018, 01/26/2018 to 01/28/2018
  • Herald of Herald's Point, Birka 2017, 01/27/2017 to 01/29/2017
  • Autocrat, A Walk Among the Pines, 08/05/2017

In Case Of Court

In case of an impending summons before a Court, please contact Hlífa Hrafnsdóttir ([1]) or Guy Todd ([2]). Edgitha has anxiety, but if one of her friends is with her, she will do fine.

For illuminators and scribes, and anyone else who has an interest, Edgitha loves the following:

  • owls and hawks, especially when presented in either Celtic or Norse/Scandinavian forms
  • bright colors like red, blue, and yellow/gold
  • Viking runes like this