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The East Kingdom Toybox
Toybox.jpgQueen Helga of the West Kingdom runs the toybox at Birka A.S. 52. Photo by Brendan Crane.
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Greetings good Gentles!

There have been several discussion on other lists about the toy box and its contents. Many artisans would like to contribute to the satiation of the Wee tygers (velociraptors) of the East, but are not always sure what may be in demand.

If you are an artisan who has made something, what did you make? Pictures? Patterns?

If you are a parent, what things have your children liked the best? Pictures are great.

If you have idea you haven’t implemented yet, links to those would be awesome. Their majesties are always accepting donations for the toy box.

Kid Largess Ideas by Age (Toddlers - Teens):

Toddlers: fabric puppets, felted toys, rattles, rag dolls, toddler embroidery kits (embroidery hoop with that holey shelf liner stuff, a length of yarn and a plastic yarn needle), hobby horses, pouches

Children: Marionettes, beads, stick puppets, tops, bagged period board games, little flutes or recorders, whistles, costume jewelry, books, pouches, crafting kits (kumihimo, embroidery, chainmail bracelet, leather tooling, etc.), balls, rag dolls, puppets

Teenagers (and now that I've read my list, adults of all genders): gaming kits (Assorted tokens for "gambling," dice, period game rules, etc.), books, belts, mugs, eating knives, thrown weapons, archery arm guards, jewelry, sewing kits, armor pieces, shields, bucklers, duct tape, tools, hats, milled soap, beads, lanterns, buttons, crafting kits (kumihimo, embroidery, chain-mail bracelet, bagged period board games, leather tooling, etc.), trim, fans, cloak pins, baskets, cell phone holder/hiders.

Visit our new FaceBook page for ideas to make, share supplies or donate.


What are the items can be made out of: Fabric, Yarn, Wood, Paper, Leather, Child safe materials

Patterns and Ideas

Ribbon wands/rings

Stuffed animals

Coloring pages

Plush weapons

Dolls - rag dolls[1], knitted dolls, crochet dolls, mermaid dolls, yarn dolls

Gameboards - Alquerque, fox and geese, backgammon, chess, knucklebones, marbles

Balls - knit[2], crochet[3], fabric[4]

Bubble wands

Flower crowns

Finger puppets, dragons, castles

Hand Puppets

Lucets out of forks

Coffee can stilts

Felt Dragons