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Founded: October 13th, A.S. XLVII
Status: Active
Fieldless, a clarion purpure

The East Kingdom College of Performers is a Royally chartered Eastern guild of entertainers of all kinds: musicmakers, poets, storytellers, actors, mummers, puppeteers, etc., etc., etc. Our community is dedicated to supporting the pursuit of the performing arts both as practiced in period and as relevant to SCAdian history and culture, to teaching and coaching, to making connections among performers throughout the kingdom, and to developing opportunities for collaboration, socialization, multidisciplinary projects, performance spaces, inspirational challenges, and anything else we can think of to entertain ourselves and our audiences!

Our charter is as follows: The College will promote excellence and camaraderie in the arts while advancing our understanding of the Medieval and Renaissance periods of history through the study, composition, and practice of the historical performing arts and the celebration of the history and culture of our Society. The College will establish bylaws for its prudent governance, and will pursue these above stated goals in accordance with those bylaws.


In a previous incarnation, the EKCP was known as the Royal Eastern College of Bards. That organization was founded by Mairi ni Raghallaigh (now known as Maria Agrissa Sgourina) on December 31st, A.S. XXVI, in the Shire of Sterlynge Vayle. The current College was officially chartered by Their Majesties Edward II and Thyra at their Coronation on October 13th, A.S. XLVII, in Concordia of the Snows; the first officers to serve under the new charter were Mistress Linette de Gallardon (provost), Lord Tristan le Chanticleer de Champagne (chancellor), and Mistress Sabine de Kerbriant (chatelaine).


Current Deans (and Chairs) of the College:

  • Dean of Belles-Lettres (poetry, prose, logic & rhetoric, language studies, etc.): Mistress Dorigen of the Grey Gate
  • Dean of Music (instrumental & vocal music, bardic circles & coaching, musical composition, luthiery, etc.): Mistress Linette de Gallardon
  • Dean of Oral Traditions (storytelling, cultural & folkloric studies, persona performance, etc.): Mistress Judith Fitzhenry the Uncertain
  • Dean of Theatrics (stagecraft, improvisation, commedia de l'arte, mumming, etc.): Captain Ian Douglas

East Kingdom College of Performers Travel Notebook

The goal of the EKCoP traveling notebook is for performers to share a few words of inspiration or experience with fellow and future performers in the East Kingdom. The words written within will periodically be posted online under the EKCoP page on the EK Wiki so that all may read and draw inspiration from them!

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