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The Ancient and Venerable Order of Brewers, Vintners and Meadmakers of the East Kingdom
Founded: July 26 A.S. XXI
Status: Active
EKBrewers Arms.jpg
Per pale azure and argent, to dexter a beehive between three honeybees volant proper, and to sinister a bunch of grapes azure, slipped and leaved Or, on a chief argent, a tyger passant azure.


The Ancient and Venerable Order of Brewers, Vintners and Meadmakers of the East Kingdom


Most of the EK Brewer Guilde Events happen in conjunction with other local events already happening. The Guilde has 2 kinds of events:

1) Competitions- held at most camping events. Brewers from all walks of life enter their potables and through a criteria of judging, the scores are tallied and the winner of each category is announced at the end of the event.

2) Panelling- Brewers enter their potable with documentation and process information where the beverage is judged for its historical basis, processes and conclusive result. Scores of specific levels allow the brewer to advance through the East Kingdom Brewer's Guilde rankings (Member, Novice, Journeyman, Craftsman, Master, Grand Master)

Each year the East Kingdom Brewer's Guilde holds their Collegium. This is a Brewer specific event where classes are held along with Panelling opportunities and research into period beverages. In recent history the Collegium rotates from North-South every year.

2012- Barony of Endewearde

2013- Shire of Frosted Hills

2014- Barony of Stonemarche

2015- Shire of Frosted Hills (Cancelled)

2016- Barony Beyond the Bridge/Needingham Faire

2017- Barony of Stonemarche

2018- Canton of Northpass

2019- Barony of Stonemarche


Being a college in good standing with the Crown of the East, and to facilitate the collection of taxes, dues, bribes, tribute, or other such payments as are required of the Guild, the Guild maintains a complete and thorough ledger of all works produced and distributed by its Members throughout this Kingdom and any Kingdom to where our wares may travel.

Those who wish to view our records are welcome to do so.

The Proceedings of the East Kingdom Brewers' Guild



Former GuildMasters/Mistresses

Mistress Sylvia du Vey Spring 2012- Fall 2016

Baroness Mistress Suzanne Neuber de Londres Spring 2002- Spring 2012

Retired Wardens

Baron Fergus Redmead Spring 2012- Fall 2016/Central
Sir Ysunnge Altan Spring 2012- Spring 2017/ Tir Mara
Baron William Graham June 2012-Fall 2019/South

See the website for the full Member list

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